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Android has made great strides in app selection, courting more developers and offering more high-quality tablet apps, but it's still not as many as Apple offers. It's tough to say exactly how many tablet-optimized Android apps are available, but it's likely in the thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands. There are also Android phone apps, which look decent on a 7-inch tablet, but less so on a 9- or inch one, so you're likely to have more problems getting high-quality apps for larger Android tablets. That said, check out the Best Android apps for our top picks. This consideration is a bit obvious, but size—both screen real estate and storage capacity—is important to consider.

First things first: When you hear the term "7-inch or inch tablet," this refers to the size of the screen, measured diagonally, and not the size of the tablet itself. Apple's iPads, Amazon's Fire, and Samsung's tablets all come in small- and large-screen iterations. And more than ever, phones are blurring the lines with tablets. Big smartphones or phablets like the 6. Screen resolution is important too, especially for ebook reading and web surfing. A sharp, bright display is key. If you're in the market for a inch tablet, look for a display with at least 1, by resolution. The weight of a tablet is one definite advantage it has over a laptop —but with large-screen tablets typically weighing around a pound, they're not cell phone-light.

After you hold one with a single hand while standing up for 20 minutes, your hand will get tired. Setting one flat in your lap, rather than propped up on a stand, can also be a little awkward. And few tablets will fit in your pocket, unless you're wearing a very large jacket. If you want pocketability, you might want to consider a phablet. Cloud off-device storage is an option for many tablets iCloud for iPads, Amazon Cloud Storage for Fire tablets , but when it comes to onboard storage, more is always better. All those apps, when combined with music, video, and photo libraries, can take up a lot of space.

Many non-Apple tablets have microSD memory card slots that let you expand storage. Some tablets come in a Wi-Fi-only model or with the option of always-on cellular service from a wireless provider. If you want to use your tablet to get online anywhere, you should opt for a model that offers a cellular version.

Of course, this adds to the device's price, and then you need to pay for cellular service. Generally, though, with a tablet, you can purchase data on a month-to-month basis without signing a contract. Another way to get your tablet online: Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also buy a dedicated mobile hotspot , which won't kill your phone's battery life. Some even double as backup batteries to charge your tablet.

The tablets chosen here represent the best Android and iOS options across a variety of price levels. That said, there are plenty of other great tablets out there, and one may be right for you. For the latest lab-tested reviews, check out our tablet product guide. Best Tablets Featured in This Roundup: Simple user interface. Durable body. Works as an Echo Show.

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Amazon's app store falls short of Google Play. UI is very oriented toward showing Amazon content. Sharp display for the price. Good overall performance. Easy-to-use interface and Alexa integration. Dual-band Wi-Fi. No Google Play Store apps. Low-resolution camera. Terrific performance for the price. Elegant, high-quality apps. Supports Apple Pencil.

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Neither rugged nor waterproof. Keyboard and Pencil accessories increase the price. But it's still less practical than Chromebooks for most schools. Fantastic price. Large content ecosystem. Good parental controls. Slow performance. Poor camera. Weak speaker. Sleek build. Gorgeous display. Loud speakers.

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Great stylus for drawing and note-taking. Excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. Another great feature here is the S Pen: What was initially a great expression tool is now considered an artist-grade device, offering points of pressure to give you amazing control when sketching — just as if you were using a real pencil. The rear camera keeps parity with a lot of the tablets on the market with a 13MP sensor and F1.

The Dolby Atmos, AKG-tuned speaker system is comprised of four different drivers two top-firing and two bottom-firing , so the entertainment capabilities are pretty great, too. The new tablet has a quad-core processor with 1. It runs the full version of Windows 10, which means you can run Microsoft Office and anything else that runs on Windows. The Surface Pro has a crisp and quite pretty It also now comes in both black and platinum colors. One final note: There are various configurations you can choose from on the Surface Pro 6. This 8-inch tablet by Huawei is a refreshing option for those who want a full Android experience without the overinflated price tag of something like a Samsung.

With a resolution of x , the display — from a pixel count perspective — is one of the aforementioned comprises to keep the price down. The tablet runs off of a mAh battery that Huawei has measured against heavy use to deliver pretty substantial life on one charge. Finally, the build quality and form factor feel way more premium than the model's price point, thanks to a single-piece anodized aluminum shell and slim measurements of just 0. Interested in reading more reviews? Take a look at our selection of the best Android tablets.

This iPad runs on a powerful A10 Fusion chip, has an 8-megapixel rear camera, and 1. The iPad is also the first non-Pro model to support the Apple Pencil, meaning artsy users can sketch and doodle to their heart's content. Still, you can browse the web, send correspondence, play games, watch movies, and do plenty more on the iPad. The option for LTE connectivity makes it that much more well rounded. When it comes to devices on a budget, Amazon has a distinct advantage. It has a 7-inch display that may not be HD, but will get the job done in a pinch.

A quad-core processor will help keep things zippy and expandable storage via microSD card can help you store plenty of movies and TV shows. The big difference is that the ZBook x2 G4 went crazy with the tablet's features, making a machine truly targeted towards professionals.

You can use the ZBook x2 G4 with a stylus which utilizes an incredible 4, pressure sensitivity levels as well. The 7-inch IPS display gives kids plenty of screen to watch, play, and learn on. And, the rubber bumpers built all around the device help protect it from accidents.

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Beyond the tablet itself, what Amazon offers in addition really helps make this a great pick. The tablet also comes with easy parental controls and a free year of FreeTime Unlimited, which has a large selection of content from games and books to videos and apps. Amazon generally offers a discount when bought in pairs , even up to percent off the total. Aside from its sharp So, when you really want to share your screen and inches just won't do, you can project a massive inch image onto the wall.

Plus, you can easily connect the tablet to a Bluetooth speaker to round out your home entertainment. It has a large battery to sustain continuous use looking at you, binge-watchers , and a stand that lets you position it a number of different ways. With an Intel Atom processor and running Android 6. But, the hardware is plenty sufficient to use the tablet as a multimedia device. And, the excellent built-in display and projector give you two great viewing options. We bought nine tablets and our reviewers spent more than hours testing them.

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They took them home to use in their everyday activities — surfing the Web, doing work, streaming videos, and playing games — to find out what the strengths and flaws really were. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these tablets, from their screen size to their battery life. We've outlined the key points here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

Screen size - The average tablet is around 10 inches, measured diagonally, but they can be as small as 8 inches and run up to Budget - You should definitely prepare to pay a premium for an Apple iPad, which can easily cost fives times that of a budget tablet. And the higher the screen resolution and the more powerful the processor, the more you can expect to pay. But Amazon makes some amazingly affordable options that still give you access to all the apps you could want, plus its Alexa personal assistant. We understand: Having millions of movies, books, TV shows, and songs right at your fingertips can feel like a lot at first.

Grab a bigger bag though; our testers consistently mentioned just how big the screen seemed.

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  • In terms of negatives, one of our testers reported that its battery life can vary widely depending on the applications used. According to one tester: Our testers liked the intuitive interface, the high-resolution display, and the impressive battery life. Overall, the iPad Pro provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and all the apps you love and know as an Apple user.

    Because of the megapixel, rear-facing camera, the impressive display, and the fast speed, our testers think this is a solid purchase for creative types or users that consume a lot of media. Our reviewers also thought the charging time was a little slow — 2. One of our testers reported that this device quickly became one her favorites to travel with. Although our reviewers observed that the device slowed down while performing more involved tasks like photo editing , they thought it handled things like emailing and surfing the Internet with ease.