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If you aren't using Gmail as your default webmail client then quite frankly, you're living in the past. The service manages to combine ease of use with a huge range of useful features to create probably the best email experience you'll find anywhere.

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With Gmail Mobile, you can send and receive messages , search your email for keywords, report spam , organize your mail into folders, and even view your Google Talk chat history. One of the best things about Gmail Mobile, is that all of this can be done offline, meaning that if you don't have a flat-rate data plan, it's going to save you previous cash, as you only need to be connected when you're actually sending or receiving mail. For the first time, version 2 of Gmail Mobile allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts on your phone, and switching between them is a real breeze.

I also liked the way you can now save multiple email drafts in Gmail Mobile.

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  6. In terms of its usability, Gmail Mobile is excellent. Thanks to fast scrolling and support for shortcut keys, getting around your mailbox is very straightforward, and you can even ramp up the font size if you're having trouble viewing text in the program. The only thing that takes away from Gmail Mobile's ease-of-use is the installation procedure, which is a little fiddly, as it all has to be done online.

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    That said, if you have a Google Mail account and you have a phone, you can't afford to ignore Gmail Mobile. There is no attachment feature to sent in compose mail. Attachment feature is available in any verson or how can i attach a file to sent?

    The application provides a small, yet perfectly formed version of the View full description. PROS Very simple way of accessing Gmail on the move Perform tasks offline to save you cash Loaded with all the great features of Gmail Uses shortcut keys to help you get around quicker Supports multiple Gmail accounts. CONS Fiddly installation process.

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    Softonic review Gmail Mobile for Java can no longer be downloaded. News, sports, entertainment and finance—right at your fingertips. The Yahoo News app provides multiple perspectives to help you see all sides Get your family, team or crew together. Yahoo Together is the group messaging app that makes it easy to get organized, Get blazing fast live scores, stats, and standings personalized for your favorite leagues, teams, and players.

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