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I2C , or use a hardware serial port. I would suggest using an Atmel XMEGA microcontroller - you can get these with 6 or more independent hardware serial ports. You can use hardware serial i. You will NOT! USB for power is ok. Hey thought I'd pitch in.

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I was having quite a few issues in trying to control an led using hc 05 from an android phone. I was using SoftwareSerial.

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It didn't work. The board is an arduino mega Finally, I got it.

The Easiest Way Installing A Bluetooth Interface On The Arduino Due And Mega 2560

SoftwareSerial turns digital pins to tx and rx com pins. Make sure to use digital pins on the board to communicate when your using SoftwareSerial. Hope it helps By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. HC is connected to Arduino on pins 10,11 using SoftwareSerial lib.

Is there anything about HC or SoftwareSerial lib which prevents simultaneous bi-directional communication? How can I achieve reliable communication using the aforementioned HW and comm scheme? Vasiliy Vasiliy 1 7.

Arduino Mega to Android via Bluetooth

To convert from SoftwareSerial to AltSoftSerial you need to change the pins that HC is connected to on Arduino Uno these are pins 8,9 , and to make this minor change in the code: Yes, this is a lot of extra work. However, neither of them receives a message form each other through Bluetooth. I would appreciate any help on how to make the data transfer and make the Bluetooth protocol work! User mini profile. Wed Apr 04, 9: Bluetooth Communication between Arduino and AtMega This way you know the Bluetooth module is connected and working properly.

Mon May 09, 8: It works.

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Also, I have made some modifications in the code. The RN41XV and RN42XV are small form factor, low-power Bluetooth radio modules offering plug-in compatibility for the widely used 2 x 10 2-mm socket typically used by These modules are simple to design in and are fully certified, making them a complete embedded Bluetooth solution. The RN42 is functionally compatible with the RN More Information The image to the left shows the RN41XV module.

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The important pins are:. The next step, after powering up the Arduino, is to pairing the Bluetooth device with your PC or Mac. For more information, see:.

How to Voice Controlled Automation Using ARDUINO MEGA (HC06 Bluetooth Module)

In my case, I used a Windows 10 machine. Please be aware that a Bluetooth device requires two COM ports, one for receiving and one for transmitting data. The Windows Device Manager will show you a list of COM ports and even which are Bluetooth, but there is no further information which port is for reception or transmission. It is also important to know that you will need to access only one of the two COM ports for bi-directional data exchange, and, to make things worse, Windows will not tell you which one.