Blackberry 9780 red light blinking twice

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Newbie - help please Verizon not working, flashing red light. I want the to blink red only when I have something of attention. I've turned off the LED network coverage, etc etc I have Bebuzz loaded which is fine I think But for the life of me I dont know why it's flashing Just wondering if your bold drops calls as frequently as mine does. I always check how many bars i have and its usually at 4 or 5. I see where you can turn off notifications light for calls, messages, etc. But not finding if there is a way to turn off when I double tap to wake.

I know there is an application like buzzme, however I really don't need all those customizations and was wondering if anyone knew of a free application to just keep the light red until the SMS has been read. Is there a way with the torch of turning off the blinking light? I had it turned off on old bb but can't remember how I did it?

I dropped my blackberry and it hasn't worked since. It wont turn on but it will for a few minutes, then will randomly shut off and blink like 2 times in a row in perfect intervals.

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After it turns off I have tried a different charger and even bought a new battery to put in it But nothing has changed. Its still the same red light! Is there anything I can do that I haven't tried, before taking it to a repair shop.

Phone won't turn on

If I leave it plugged in for a time the phone gets really hot, the red notification light blinks. Is it telling me it's overheating or what? I don't see any notifications anywhere to clear other than the quick toggles I use. I'm thinking those might be the culprit since they're basically just an omnipresent notification, and the light stops blinking for a time once I pull the notification shade down. Having a constant green light going off? Also, whatever it is could be the same thing that's keeping the CPU awake all the time.

It doesn't seem to be affecting battery life too much though. BB Bold View 2 Replies Similar Messages: Green Blinking Light On After 6.

HOW TO FIX BlackBerry 9900 Red light / charging problems

Blinking Red Light On ? BB Bold:: Blinking Light, Device Not Recognized? Sony Ericsson:: BB Curve:: BB Torch:: Red Light Constantly Blinking? Xperia X HTC One M Aug 9, Is it normal to have a blinking red light on my BB ? Oct 22, I have this old I got from a friend that he says is bricked. Show 2 more comments.

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Thank you so much, I was so stressed, my phone has been off for 2 days. Held the power button for 15 seconds and it finally switched on again. Show 5 more comments. I ve the same problem.. I followed your advice.. Press start botton for seconds it starts. Actually my BlackBerry Passport was battery fully discharge when I didn't charge for three days.

Then I showed no starts ,no charging only red light blinks for few minutes then stops. I was worried after that I show your advice to this website then now it's okay..

SOLVED: Phone won't turn on - BlackBerry Passport - iFixit

Blackberry is the best phone on this earth. Looks wise v stylish and also ease of use is excellent. Its the only one who has a qwerty keyboard.

But today, I somehow cud not understand why it stopped all of a sudden. The device doesnt turn on. After seein some comments above, I was able to resolve that issue. People, jus hold on the start button for secs and boom, it turns on. All the best. My BlackBerry passport just went off for no reason this morning I was confused,so I just hold on to the start bottling for like 10 seconds,it automatically came up am happy BlackBerry is the best.

Joe Sorrentino. Mine is also dead. At no time does the screen turn on. Anyone else have this issue? It sadly looks terminal, but I thought I would ask just in case. Did you ever solve this issue? Mine has the same problem but I ditched it and went with Android. Actually I had to reinstall BB10 and it came back up. I don't know the initial cause but I noticed my phone was hot when I completed the last call before it died. The one thing that it took me a while to find out was I HAD to install an OS version that was consistant with what was originally on it.

You can no longer go back to a previous version as new security measures prevent this but there is no indication during the process of this so if your phone was at