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I specifically told him, the store told me they couldn't. He told me to ask for a manager and go to the Geek Squad counter.

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He assured me they are the same company. I went to the Geez Squad desk, explained the situation. The guy there got both Joe and Matt again. I left. I called the Geek Squad customer service phone number again at today. I asked for a supervisor. Explained the situation again and he looked up may account. I specifically asked what the fasted way to get this taken care of was.

I explained what I had been through over the last 3 days with them. I specifically asked if I do that, I will be leaving with a phone? He said yes! I asked very specific and pointed questions to make sure there was no miscommunication or that I was somehow being vague in what I wanted.

This supervisor told me the Geek Squad counter in the store could call the customer service and talk to them if needed. They told me this was something that had to be sent to my house and I could not do it in store. He told me it didn't matter if they called, that they absolutely could not do it. I've had enough! What is going on with your people?

Why was I sold a replacement plan on the basis that I could go into a store and get it replaced? Why have two different supervisors on the Geek Squad customer service line told me I can go into the store? The funny thing is that if all of your people would have been on the same page and given me the same information, I would have a phone by now!

Coverage costs and plan parameters vary widely. Here, CR's guide to making a smart decision.

Instead right at this moment if I call Geek Squad customer service and ask what the fasted way to get a replacement is, they will tell me to go to a store. I appreciate you joining the forum and allowing us a second chance to further assist you.

Pros and Cons of Smartphone Insurance. Should I buy it?

When customers start a service claim for a mobile phone while under a GSP plan, they may be subject to a non-refundable service fee if the phone is accidentally damaged due to handling ex: Once paid, we should ship you a previously repaired device to ensure you get your hands on a working phone as quickly as possible. The only time we would theoretically be able to provide you a replacement at your local store is if service is requested and we do not have a serviced replacement readily available.

If so, we should issue you a credit for the current market value of the device not exceeding the original purchase price to allow you to purchase a replacement at your leisure. I truly apologize if we failed to properly explain this at the store or when calling us for assistance and for any frustration you may have endured as a result. I'd be happy to help however possible. Let me address a few things: I know about the service fee 2.

Is Smartphone Insurance Worth Buying?

As you said above, "failed to properly explain this at the store or when calling us for assistance". I guess I wasn't clear enough when I explained what happened. The sales guy in the store I bought the phone from specifically stated that this plan was better than the verizon pritection plan that I've always had. He sold this as more convenient specifically for the reason that if anything happened and the phone was still carried in the store that this plan was superior because I could go into the store for replacement.

That is not a "failure to explain" that is complete misrepresentation. Two of you geek squad supervisors one named Michael , when asked what the fastest way to get a replacement phone was, told me to go into the store and it would be replaced then and there.

Update on best buy's continued ridiculous customer "service": She went through the entire process only to tell me my phone was not available for replacement. Of course. She said she thought could figure it out and would call me back. To her credit, she did call me back in about 10 mins.

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She explained that she had some kind of computer error and the phone is available. Continued the process with her, when giving her my shipping information I knew it was going to be a problem. Wondering how much money Geek Squad Protection can save you? Out of warranty repairs can add up, sometimes a repair or diagnostic fee can outweigh the cost of a Protection Plan.

Yes, Geek Squad Protection Plans are transferable.

Terrible phone replacement plan! - Best Buy Support

If you sell your product or are buying something as a gift, the plan goes with it! No additional fees are required; simply click here to find out how to contact us. When you call, provide the name of the person you're transferring the plan to. The transferee must then contact us and provide their address, email and phone number. If you're paying monthly for your plan, simply have the transferee provide us with their banking authorization information.

The plan holder must have the original documentation to receive coverage. Coverage periods vary according to product and manufacturer.

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Please refer to the manufacturer warranty information that came with your product to determine specific coverage information. Every manufacturer's warranty is different; please refer to your product's manufacturer warranty information for specific details on length of coverage. Although your product may still be under manufacturer's warranty, check with your Geek Squad Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for benefits that begin Day 1.

A manufacturer's warranty usually only covers defects in materials and workmanship for a limited time. Geek Squad Protection Plans are an optional form of product coverage that provide additional value to our customers. A Geek Squad Protection Plan does this, plus protects against power surges, failures caused by normal wear and tear. Depending on the plan you purchase a variety of other coverage is also available.

You can make a payment for your Geek Squad Home Membership on this site. For all other inquiries, go to Home Membership or give us a call at