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Flag Post Message 3 of Flag Post Message 4 of Flag Post Message 5 of Not applicable. Flag Post Message 6 of Wishing a wonderful day. Flag Post Message 7 of We can't even get a reason why they won't do it. Welcome to the FitBit Community. Flag Post Message 8 of Flag Post Message 9 of Fitbit responds to this post stating that the problem is solved.

How to Sync Fitbit (& Other Fitness Trackers) to the iPhone & Apple Health App | sipyqajatyju.tk

Fitbit has not solved the problem, they have chosen not to do anything about it. Fitbit should be compatible with Apple's Health application, that is solving the problem. Please enable fitbit to sync with Apple Health so that it is fully iOS compatible.

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Flag Post Message 10 of Not syncing with the Apple Health app is a huge defect. Recovery Runner. Flag Post Message 11 of Flag Post Message 12 of Would be good if fitbit world were more open to integration.. Flag Post Message 13 of Flag Post Message 14 of Do not use Sync Solver! It is useless in iOS 9. Developer won't reply to demands! I'm using instead "Fitbit Sync" which works flawlessly and even syncs my resting heart rate and sleep patterns to Apple HealthKit.

We'll cover how to connect Apple Health to the most popular fitness trackers below.

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Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Health and fitness tracking has come a long way from the days of the little pedometer we would clip on our waistband. We have wearable fitness monitors now that track everything from steps to exercise and even sleep—and now our smartphones can do the same. Health monitors include blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, and scales.

Sync Apple Watch steps to Fitbit

The Apple Health app is your go-to place for tracking all of it—from exercise and sleep to blood pressure and temperature. You can even export your Health data from the app for sharing with doctors or counselors. Fitbit has stated that it is not ready to approve direct syncing with the Apple Health app yet. This has, of course, been a customer request for years now. For Fitbit users, an app like this is the best solution for syncing your Fitbit with the Apple Health app.

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  8. The app worked. After allowing the app access to my Apple Health data and selecting my Apple Watch as a source the app sync my exact Apple Watch steps to Fitbit every day.

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    The syncs real fast and only thing I do once in a while to make sure everything is ready to sync is launch the Activity app on my phone. That forces your phone to sync with your Apple Watch and gives you the number of steps that are on the watch. I also sync my weight using Withings scale. The scale sync with the health mate app which syncs with Apple Health and all I have to do is select health mate as my weight source and my weight data get sent to Fitbit the same time my steps do. I can now use the Fitbit dashboard on phone and on the web to view my Apple Watch steps.

    I don't have to use the Apple Health app and the Fitbit app to view my daily steps and my goals. Makes my life a lot easier. I wish I knew about the app sooner. Highly recommend. I like using the Fitbit app to view all my fitness data like steps and weight, but I track my steps with my iPhone and Apple Watch.

    Like many of the other reviews that were very positive the app work just as advertised.

    How to Sync Fitbit (& Other Fitness Trackers) to the iPhone & Apple Health App

    Syncs all my steps and weight data from Apple Health to my Fitbit account. This app allows me to use them and still view my daily and weekly activity and goals in the Fitbit app. I also can share my activity with friends and family to keep us all motivated. Which is super important! I have multiple ways to record my weight data which gets saved to Apple Health.

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    Using this app I can sync my weight data from the Health app to the Fitbit app. I recently bought an Fitbit Aria scale and the app has worked very well syncing the data to Apple Health.

    View Health App Data on Fitbit

    Looking forward to more from this app. I work for a large company that partners with WebMD and other resources to help encourage us to stay healthy.