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No results Maybe you've been too strict with filters, try increasing the maximum price or removing filters that you don't need. Only for sale Only with price Highlight Local Prices. Ki Cost-effectiveness. Release date. Independent SD slot SD expansible. On the front On the side In the back In screen. Notifications LED. Frontal flash. Wireless charging Fast charging Removable battery. Android 4. Android One. Windows Phone 7. Active filters Empty. Twitter Facebook Whatsapp. Show filters. Recent leaks have suggested that Windows Phone will get these features at some point. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.

With a 1. Despite a lot of third party support across the Windows Phone ecosystem. Battery life was also not that terrible. Windows Phone is by no means a bad operating system. Optional Weight: No Processor: No Weight: Yes Weight: Whilst this is the best Windows Phone yet. A great design coupled with an excellent camera is what you get. There are obvious improvements that could be made. Glance Screen works pretty well showing you the time even when the screen is locked. It really is the best Windows Phone you can buy. All we need to see now is for Microsoft to add a few more features to bring it more in-line with other operating systems.

Nokia are also continuing to make their tweaks to the OS. Incremental changes can sometimes make the world of difference. The power button sticks out like a small metal pimple. TFT capacitive touchscreen. This handset has wedge ends which slope away to a noticeably arced back cove. Alex Walls T he Xperia L is billed as a low-end device.

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It looks odd and is quite chunky at 9. It mostly ran without lag. TrackID works well use the Throw feature. Such and is fun to play with. This was annoying when trying to get on with a task such as searching current locations on Google Maps. Flicking between apps. DLNA sound. These are different chipsets. The scratch-resistant glass did its job. The phone also froze between load screens when running graphic-intensive games such as Temple Run 2. Movies in particular look good on the Xperia L. This particular song or playlist when you plug in your headphones or allows you to play pictures and movies through your TV.

The 4. The Xperia L runs Android 4. While it has trouble is a set of interoperability with songs which start slowly. There was occasionally some lag in response to screen touches. Shazam — it recognises tracks such as movies and music. The angled ends seem to lend themselves to holding the phone horizontally and playing games like a PlayStation Portable. In fact I found it took considerably longer. By running Android. The camera does okay in low light but not wonderfully. This has Sony apps such as a music player Walkman. The lag means the shutter needs to be pressed a split-second before the picture you wanted.

All things considered the Xperia L is a decent smartphone. PlayStation Store on the Xperia L. For the price the camera quality is good Sony reckons the L can wake from sleep and take a picture in seconds. On an overcast day. A solid low-end offering with some mid-tier specs. The phone lasted more than 12 hours. Sony has its own version of various Google apps and sometimes both are offered Google Music and Movies. We remember when Sony was famous for leading the way in console games.

The lack of Sony-authorised games is also disappointing. The L lost about half its battery power in about eight hours. The benchmark at this price level is the Google Nexus 4. Should you get it or the Lumia? It really comes down to what you want out of your handset — access to lots of apps and more storage versus a great camera. Generally the Xperia L takes crisp. Rather than enlarging the 4-inch touchscreen Vodafone decided to have some capacitive buttons at the bottom of the phone. The translucent back was complicated to remove as well as constantly sliding when using the device.

But some people may like the option.. Apparently the idea is to let you slide a piece of paper behind the translucent cover. You have to completely take the phone apart into its three separate pieces The screen is a letdown. Despite its price. These are exactly the same as the buttons on the Nexus 4 or most other Android phones. For example. Bluetooth 4. They worked well. The only disappointment was the fact that it only worked in the built-in browser and not across all apps. We were wrong. Spec sheet Dimensions In fact the translucent back made the phone look better with all the internals being visible.

Even launching an app took an age to complete after a restart. It was so bad that to blow your photos up too large. Taking burst shots with the camera also felt a lot more laborious than it should have. The image quality is suitable for sharing with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Performance suffered in the Cut the Rope game bundled with the phone.

Everything looked worse on the Smart III than on any other similarly-priced phones which seem to manage a lot better. Colours are dull with the brightness not going higher than a slight glow. It often became unresponsive and was prone to crashing mostly when starting up. Snapchat fans will miss a frontfacing camera although they may be able to utilise the back camera. There was some latency between shots. Vodafone could have done better. They did looked quite impressive when transferred to a computer monitor.

This phone has a 5MP camera. At least the camera performed well. Many of the animations were very sluggish and juddery. The screen sometimes refused to register taps. Having a MicroSD card slot is a nice bonus. Most of the detail is captured in the foreground. But there was good performance in battery life. Alex Walls. This second iteration of the L5 has upgraded some of the specs and has produced a better looking phone, with rounded corners and improved screen quality.

In appearance the L5 II can be regarded as a discrete, sleek phone. The design sticks to the usual parameters of a black rectangle with curved corners and a metallic, brushed-steel looking cover; it toes the line between being daringly discrete and disappointingly dull. A note about SIM cards: This is a a substantial increase in pixel density, with pixels per inch up from ppi. It crawls around the internet even on Wi-Fi and launching apps sometimes took so long I would give up and switch to another phone.

Gaming was adequate but there was a small screen spasm when loading the likes of Temple Run 2. Scrolling through apps was lag-free. LG runs Android 4. Dimensions Icons for Safety Care and SmartWord are rather plain. Holding down an app icon on the home screen generates a picture of a small paintbrush icon. This will allow you to select from a number of pictures, or take a photo from the camera or picture gallery, to create your own icon.

Quick Memo lets you take a memo on the screen. Text will appear on top of whatever screen you were on. Save the memo to your Gallery or email it to yourself. This could be very useful for elderly users who may be unable to reach a phone for help. A Location Notice sends your location via text message to registered recipients, useful for parents checking up that children really are where they say they are.

Emergency Call Forwarding, sends your location via text when making an emergency call. These apps all require a GPS signal, so you must leave your location settings on all the time. Photos were clear and crisp with good colour detail, and reasonable clarity in low light situations. LG claims nine hours on 3G in terms of battery life. After 5. With lighter use, the L5 II lasted the full day only dropping to 36 per cent at the end of the day. However there are cheaper phones out there with much the same specs. There are some interesting functionalities to its user interface, including some which seem genuinely useful, particularly for elderly or vulnerable users.

But the processor creaks when trying to browse the internet and the screen quality and design may have you wishing you splashed out a little bit more on a higher-spec device. A fairly solid mid-tier offering let down by a creaking processor, the L5 II has a pretty good price point and some interesting user interface features, as well as a decent camera.

Samsung ups the drool factor with new launch Samsung launched new laptops, tablets and connected cameras last month. We were there to drool. In Android Samsung seemed to be targeting the photographers amongst us, with two very cameracentric devices, one being a full DSLR running Jelly Bean, whilst the other being a crossover between.

On the other side of the fence, Samsung unveiled six new devices running Windows 8. For a device with those kind of heavy specs. Unlike the Aspire R7 though. Those modes are tablet which is when the screen is rolled all the way back covering the keyboard.

When we tested out the Android 4. If Microsoft is having a hard time attracting developers now. There is also HDMI-out. Pricing is yet to be announced. The internals are what you would expect from a Windows 8 tablet. Compared to an average smartphone camera. One place where we were let down was the amount of storage that came with the device.

Samsung certainly seems to think so. Unlike other Windows 8 tablets though. Now we had a chance to play with the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The camera on the back of the S4 Zoom features a 24mm wide angle lens. A cool feature about the S4 Zoom is the spinnable lens. Despite being a chubby device. Samsung has gone and given it an upgraded Intel Atom processor. Although if you value photo quality above all else. Samsung has decided to add a little disclaimer regarding the storage.

The camera is capable of p video. After receiving a beating from users of the Galaxy S4. Advanced Hybrid Auto Focus. The Galaxy NX will be hitting stores this summer. Just like on the Galaxy S4 zoom. When we played with the device. Well according to Samsung. All the features you expect are present including Optical Image Stabilisation. Submerge the Xperia Z Ultra in up to 1. Whilst the Xperia Z Ultra is supposedly a beefed up version of its baby brother. These features include a Triluminos display. Like the Xperia Z. The real star of the Xperia Z Ultra show is the gorgeous 6.

As standard with most smartphones these days. Availability is currently pegged to Q3 With the 3. The design of the Xperia Z Ultra is incredibly thin. As this will only work with Android. If you run another mobile OS. Sony has also taken the opportunity to allow you to personalise your smartwatch. Read tweets. In stark contrast to the huge 6. The company says that these apps will be available to all Android users.

You also have the ability to take a photo remotely. Use it as your ordinary watch Smartwatch 2 can tell the time in a variety of ways The Smartwatch can be customised with any 24mm strap 41 million Smartwatches could be sold by www. Stefan K Persson. Sony has claimed incredible battery life. Sony has managed to bring apps to the small screen which can interact with the ones Sony has built for your smartphone. But ebooks have revolutionised the print and publishing industry.

Kindle users will already know know about hundreds of classics that are now out of copyright and free for the downloading. While you may miss rummaging through second-hand book stores for hidden gems. Ebooks saw enormous growth in the past few years. So many titles! So little time! Classics are generally free due to copyright expiration. Of course. Now you can have a book delivered straight to your eyeballs within seconds from your corporation of choice and sometimes courtesy of ebook sharing communities. So here are our pick of the top ten free classic e-reads available to blow or enrich your mind.

Six of the best: Still enjoyable years later as evidenced by the multitudinous remakes. But the book is nevertheless a pleasant and well written read. The book renders fairly well on Android and. Alice in Wonderland is an intriguing. Now delve into the 12 stories by Arthur Conan Doyle of the famous detective and his faithful companion Watson.

Over here Heathcliffe. A tale of adventure.

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  5. Kindle The original tribute to opium. It may even inspire a pop song. A short novel pages by Joseph Conrad. Play Books. Throwing yourself off the ramparts while in a weighted sack will never be the same again. Kindle The book that spawned all those wonderful and terrible and wonderfully terrible take offs. Kindle The rollicking classic from Robert Louis Stevenson. At any rate. They receive a text telling them to register and claim the funds you have sent. It covers routine personal banking tasks.

    Apple has Passbook. This is the fast-approaching promised land of mobile payments. This information can include mobile payments. APPS Mobile banking apps let you pay people online and manage basic bank account functions eg. Gift cards displaying barcodes can be scanned on your mobile device. Alex Walls shows you how. PayPal even lets you sign into your account and pay for pizza at a restaurant. Your details are stored on a server and you log in to shop online. To be honest. Pret and Subway. Orange said it would automatically notify Barclaycard to block the mobile payment account if the device was lost.

    MacDonalds and Subway. It also links with O2 Trains. When What Mobile asked whether there were plans to upgrade. This means at the station you just need to scan the barcode at the gate or show it to the operator to scan. The wallet lets you shop online with more than retailers including John Lewis. Once this is complete. Your card details are reportedly stored on a secure server with the app and the wallet requires a PIN to use and a password to make purchases.

    Many of the mobile payment services we looked into either had a narrow purview or were due to launch in the United Kingdom soon. Once confirming payment and whether you want to add a tip. In terms of physical. You can also choose to have to enter a PIN before making a payment. In addition. Android or BlackBerry device. Three attempts at the PIN or password results in the wallet being locked. Working like a loyalty card stored on your phone. Android or Windows Phone device. QuickTap has a very limited audience.

    But using your phone to pass through a turnstile or pay for a coffee are still fairly alien concepts to most people. PayTag is another NFC-enabling option. O2 Wallet requires an account. Amazon and Tesco Direct. We had hoped to get an m-ticket and try out scanning it at the barrier. Initial set up is a bit of a rigmarole. Browsing various products via the app. It took only a few moments after signing in for the balance to load. Then the new account was linked with the mobile app already downloaded.

    You can top up your card via the app by registering a credit card. The barista scanned the barcode on the mobile. This worked like a charm and looks nifty. A few seconds later and the coffee had been paid for. Searching for train tickets was easy. She obviously had seen the service used many times as she knew exactly what to do and told us to buy a card. We then went to another Starbucks across town. She topped it up and told us to create an account. The app worked perfectly and the staff knew exactly what to do. Visit Magzter. Quality of pictures and thus your smartphone camera depended not only upon megapixel ability but also on the optics software.

    Image quality did not depend only on the number of pixels the sensor had but also the quality of each pixel displayed. Optics company Carl Zeiss. It was important to be able to capture the moment and share the photos online. Guion said. Megapixels were just one part of a good quality smartphone camera. Guion said the German optics company Carl Zeiss worked in near-microscopic detail on how to best manage light entering a camera. This is the common number used to describe smartphone cameras by manufacturers.

    Megapixel A megapixel is one million pixels — simple. A smaller aperture gives focus over a wider range of distance. Some low-end smartphones used plastic which was of a lesser quality. The camera automatically adjusts this balance of light as our eyes would. Stephen Burt images was due to wobbly users. The sensor uses pixels to trap light and measure the different colours and their intensity to determine how bright they should be.

    Human eyes automatically correct for this. You can also change the lens on a DSLR camera for different types of scenes. Aperture f stop This is how wide the lens can open or close to let in more or less light.

    Review - Nokia Lumia 710 - Full HD

    Some simple tips for taking smartphone photos Professional photographer Stephen Burt gave us some simple steps to taking better photos with your smartphone. White balance Taking photos in different light can make them look different. Burt said. Carl Zeiss lens Nokia tends to mention these lenses quite a bit. Here's what it is and how to use it. You have various editing options. So just what is this app-ealing offering in the photography app market and should you be fussed about getting it?

    Launching the app from your homescreen or apps list. Mass protest from users resulted in Instagram reverting to its original Terms of Service. Instagram says it was created to solve three problems: The app has been likened to Twitter with photos. Instagram faced a small uproar recently however. Instagram is the app for you. Worth noting is a comment on one tech website which simply said: Other than that.

    The service is a popular one. Instagram then changed its Terms of Service in December to allow photos uploaded by users to be used in advertising without reference to the owner. One friend uses Instagram to document her daily routine with one photo a day posted for her to look back on and remember. Analysis of this data was contended by other media outlets and Instagram released their monthly active user numbers in January. Flickr The now Yahoo! Flickr is free and available on all the major operating systems. Dunkin Donuts has an account dunkindonuts.

    The app is also a good looking offering. Loading photos is a breeze. On the upside. Instagram also has a dedicated following of food lovers who post pics of their meals. To put that into perspective. After hitting the end of the dial it eventually began to settle down just below the 20Mbps mark. Whilst countries like the US boast millions of 4G adopters. We started the day off in the East of London.

    We expected extremely similar results.

    Posts & páginas populares

    As soon as we pressed the test button. We knew that 4G was by no means perfect. Or are we just being sceptics? To test this theory. The next three places we tested showed that Mbps was the bare minimum of what this network is capable of. We were right outside the O2 arena and yet could only manage a creaking 3Mbps — not good enough. Vodafone and Three have assured us that their 4G networks will be launching later this year.

    In fact there are many 4G-ready smartphones on the market with HTC. Sony and even Blackberry offering one or more 4G-compatible smartphones in their ranges. An average 4G connection of 13Mb would download the HD movie in around 14 minutes. As we continued our journey south. Of course you do not have to own an iPhone to use 4G. Whilst EE 4G coverage in London is pretty complete. EE says that its current 4G network pushes out on average of Mbps download speed. In some areas 4G was a massive boost. Just as we were leaving Richmond on the District Line.

    There was no such upload problem at Heathrow. It did however turn out to be the slowest 4G result so far that day. We were also impressed by East Croydon the download speed. Yet we also found that in other areas 4G had little to offer over existing 3G. Ealing Broadway had the second worst download speed of the day. Our journey took us into Richmond.

    With our 3G results coming out at between 3Mbps and 8Mbps. We continued onwards. As time goes on. With London offering so many Wi-Fi hotspots. With 4G. You would expect central London to get the fastest 4G speeds. Networks are currently over capacity. Whilst Android and iOS currently dominate the market. BB10 or even Windows Phone. In many markets. Windows Phone 8 is trying hard to be a solid third choice. But was triggering the reset button really worth it? What really changed? Apparently the operating system a phone runs on is important these days and whether it be Android.

    That may sound impressive. It would be easy to believe that only Nokia produce handsets running Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone is a robust operating system with both brains and beauty. Whilst it lacks certain features. Take the UK for example. Windows Phone 8. This works exactly the same way in every hub. Whilst this admittedly makes some of the apps look terrible. Hubs is a feature that makes Windows Phone feel a lot more seamless and is something that really puts it above the rest of the competition.

    Most popular

    In the People hub you once again have your social networks front and centre. Clicking on a contact in the People hub will give you several options. Whilst there is some level of customisation. App developers can actually display their apps in certain hubs. This works really well as rather than having your chats fragmented between apps. I advise you not to switch to Windows Phone. Xbox Music and Video. Microsoft has also said that whilst it was designed with children in mind. For instance. Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Windows Phone 8 features several hubs which aim to bring all your content into a glanceable view and make it much more manageable. Swiping across will give you the ability to see their latest social networking status updates. Be warned though. If you want to go drastic with your customisation and make it look like no other phone.

    In this environment you can start adding apps from your phone and pinning them to the start screen. At last count. But what about my choice of apps? Microsoft only had In true Windows Phone style. Live Tiles makes the OS feel a lot more alive. Windows Phone is currently missing Snapchat. If you choose for double wide. Such as Photos showing you randomised pictures from your collection. Windows Phone 8 has an app problem. A cool thing about live tiles is that when some of your Hubs are pinned to your start screen then it will cycle through all kinds of things.

    You can have them double wide. Whilst this is obviously just a stop gap at the moment. There is a glimmer of hope that Windows Phone will be receiving this functionality in the next major update. Whilst Microsoft claims it has access to 98 of the top apps from Android and iOS.

    Nokia Lumia 620

    Instagram and many others. What Data Sense does is quite genius. Nokia has also made it possible to change the default camera to its own Smart Camera software. These features include Glance Screen. Well Microsoft has come up with a handy way to help out. The multitasking menu simply acts as a list of apps that you have recently launched. To open the multitasking menu you currently have to hold the back button. This makes sense if you want to ensure better battery life and more conservative processor use.

    In the deal that Microsoft and Nokia inked back in Microsoft has since reversed this decision and enabled it for all Windows Phone users. Whilst originally Data Sense support had to be switched on by your network. For an operating system like Windows Phone. Shepard made interactive. This really deserves no stars. You can choose whether to have the story read out to you or read the story yourself. There are even added extras such as pollen counts. There are big pictures. Said illustrations are beautiful and the interactions clever.

    You can search for towns and cities around the world. Meerkat Me involves splicing a photo of your face. There are no free walks. However there are details of each walk including public transport.

    Microsoft Lumia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    You can set reminders for your steps to achievement which quickly become annoying. You can search for walks near you or purchase walks in a given area. Everything you expect from Instagram is there. There literally is somthing for everyone. Instance is the effort from app developer Daniel Gary. Everest Free on Apple iOS everest. Everest is a beautifully laid out app where you can choose to add dreams to achieve shared publicly or privately as you wish and the steps to get there.

    Everest is a fun way to prioritise your life. If you love discovering new content that you may have missed. HHHHH www. With this relaunch. Protagonist Ben Saxon has been betrayed by his private military employers The Tyrants and is in hiding. Auto targeting worked well but self-directed targeting showed some issues. The game graphics are impressive. Redesigns for mobile include unlimited weapons.

    Square said. Gameplay is extremely smooth and there were no sticky controls when we played through on a tablet. The game is due for release this summer. You can unlock levels without putting money in. There are 90 levels over three worlds. The games are fairly expensive for a set.

    Gameplay involves selecting dialogue options. It also involves overly emotive anime characters and fairly sexist female representation. Based on the video of the same name released by Metro Trains Melbourne to encourage safety around railway lines. You must help them survive in a given time frame or die. The graphics are cute. Perfect for public transport. The graphics are very cute. Aside from the latter. With its excellent compatibility with Google services.

    With its beautifully intuitive interface. And thanks to its great design. As a result they can still be found on many handsets on the market. With its intuitive interface. Apple imposes fairly strict restrictions on how you can use and customise the OS. Android Launched in Android is great for newcomers and experts alike. Android 4. It is the main interface through which you control your device.

    The new OS looks good. Symbian has long been surpassed by the more advanced iOS. The new proprietary operating system only available on BlackBerry phones comes with some new bells and whistles that appeals to both its core business customers and the average consumer. Android and Windows Phone. And with its bright and colourful design. The OS is also not initially very easy to use. Nokia is making Windows Phone its main priority and phasing Symbian out on its smartphones.

    But while they provide decent usability and functionality. But with its unique design. But its feature-light Nokia Series 40 OS is still proving popular on feature-phones. With leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter perfectly integrated. The key feature of Windows Phone is its intuitive interface. It clearly lacks the advanced usability. Symbian Belle — or Nokia Belle. With gesture-controls. If you want the best. From dumb-phones to smartphones and everything in between. Letting you add a huge range of extra features to your phone whenever you like.

    All this power and functionality comes at a price. Offering ample features. Where smartphones really come into their own. Most modern smartphones use intuitive touchscreen interfaces. As such. As a result. Feature-phone Feature-phones are devices that sit between the latest top-of-the-range smartphones and the most basic text and call-only mobile phones — or dumbphones. Powered by advanced operating systems page 64 and high-performance technology.

    While feature-phones are smaller and less powerful devices than smartphones. The drawback is that slider phones are often thicker and heavier than other phone types. Candybar Also known as bar phones these handsets are easily recognisable. Their small size means they often have equally compact screens. Swivel An odd-looking and relatively uncommon design. They are very easy to use. Touchscreen devices let you navigate and control your phone with a quick tap. As with candybar phones. Fitted with a full hardware keyboard.