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I want pure Android. Which means I need to make a Nexus phone work for me. The final reason that I'll be snagging a Nexus 4, Verizon and its far-reaching network be damned, is ironically Windows 8.

I've been so impressed with Windows 8 Pro and the initial crop of Windows 8 tablets that I'll gladly make my next portable computer a large tablet running Windows 8. Not a Surface, mind you.

Frequency Bands Used by Verizon Wireless (United States)

Windows RT has not impressed me for a variety of reasons. But squeeze a real PC into a Count me in. Suddenly, a larger phone makes a bit more sense since I certainly won't be carrying around my primary computer a large tablet , a 7" tablet, and a phone that I wished was a lot smaller than said 7" tablet. A phone that's big enough to be a GPS in my car, highly readable in a hand, and just "tablety" enough to make me not miss the Nexus 7 too much and to be really useful when my Windows tablet isn't within reach seems like a fine idea.

My year old really wants my Nexus 7 anyway. It also allows me to access very reasonable data plans, use the phone internationally, and avoid the ridiculous battery drain of LTE. Am I rationalizing here to justify getting the latest and greatest Android phone?

Google Nexus 4 - Why I'm saying goodbye to Verizon

A little bit, yes, but my Droid Razr is a huge disappointment in terms of performance, battery life, and availability of updates. If it takes a bit of rationalizing to jump out of Verizon's plans, get a relatively inexpensive unlocked smartphone, and have access to better-than-Verizon 3G, all without compromising battery life, I think I can live with that. Buh-bye, Verizon, hello unlocked, up-to-date, unbloated, superfast, superphones.

A few last cool stories to say goodbye. Dell's new Latitude Making Common Core assessments a reality. Sad to see Google Reader go?

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Come on, folks Ed-Fi Alliance: Taming the state and local data beasts. Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X55 second generation 5G modem and global mmWave antenna module. An example of this was the iPhone 5, which had six variants to work with carrier networks around the globe. The independent Android ROM developers will no doubt experiment and confirm this possibility. The leaked service manual of the Nexus 5 international version it is not cited here for copyright reasons but can be found with online search compared to the ifixit teardown confirms the two devices contain the same components.

Isupply reported on its website that it will complete a teardown of the LG G2 by December 30th.

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  • Nexus 5 is designed to work on Verizon Wireless, and most other networks | Network World.
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Maybe that will reveal the reason. By subwoofer12 , Junior Member on 11th August , Thread Deleted Email Thread. Tucson, AZ.

Google E Nexus 4 (LG Mako) Compatibility on Verizon Wireless (United States) Mobile Network

Join Date: Feb My Devices: OP Junior Member. May Because both can support mhz I know this is regarding the Nexus 5 but I'm assuming it's the same reason: Junior Member.

The phone can hop on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint networks

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