Iphone 5 speaker not working left side

Otherwise, try the aforementioned soft restart. Even the smallest bits of dirt can be detrimental to your smartphone. Here's how to clean your iPhone properly, and what you should avoid. Read More , but also that you take great care in doing so. The best cleaning method is using an air compressor or canned air.

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This is the easiest way of removing any dirt without damaging your device because it can get to hard-to-reach places without the need for disassembly. Use it a few inches away to avoid disturbing any inner workings. Otherwise, gently move a soft-bristled toothbrush across the surface of the speakers. You can also run a cotton swap dipped in rubbing alcohol across any recesses. Do not use any other liquids as this can cause more harm. A soft interdental gum brush, gently inserted into your headphone dock, can dislodge substantial dirt.

An air compressor will remove anything that subsequently comes loose. Do not use anything like a toothpick on your speaker, though. Here's how to clean your iPhone charging port easily. This can be a serious safety threat. Instead, stand your phone at about a 45 degree angle with the speakers facing down.

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Use a lint-free cloth to catch any drips; any other absorbent material, including cotton wool, could further damage your device. This can further corrode elements in your smartphone. However, you can try silica gel. Be careful using these around children or animals as they are dangerous if consumed.

Vibration will help shake out any small droplets.

Some might use music for this purpose, but the Sonic app is also handy. Here's how to fix a water-damaged iPhone, plus what you should avoid. And I noticed that there is no sound coming from the left speaker. I checked it this way: I put a song on maximum volume and held my finger over the right and left speaker. When I put my finger over the right speaker, the sound almost disappears. When I put my finger over the left speaker, nothing happens.

So I concluded that the music is coming from the right speaker. Is that normal? Cause I have a feeling that there is something wrong with the left speaker. No sound on IPhone 4 no ringtone on incoming calls took guidance from Apple support staff but no sound with speakers not working. Thank you for putting up this site! My iPhone 4s was playing sound from music or video over headphones or bluetooth but not from the phone speaker. Going through your list of suggestions, my phone speaker started working again after I thoroughly cleaned out the docking port with a dry toothbrush and blowing on it hard.

My 5S plays music and videos- earbuds and phone speakers. Notifications such as texts, ringtone from calls, and game apps play only through ear buds. Other notifications- email, etc. Still this problem persists. I went through all of them with no luck. Read through the comments and tried pressing the spot on the right corner again, only harder — and it came back on!

After trying all the solutions without success, blowing into the headphone jack with a duster can of compressed air for a minute or two got the sound working again.

Thanks for your excellent site! Thank you for the tips. My iphone6 had no sound because the headphone jack was dirty. After I cleaned the sound started working again!

iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Left Speaker Not Working (Fixed)

My problem ended up a simple one…. I had checked the 2 buttons on the side that controls the volume of the ringer and that was set up to full sound but what I had not realized is when you are playing a video, those buttons control the volume of the video as well. For some reason when playing video it was set down to no sound. Thank you for your suggestions. Blowing in and pressing the bottom right corner worked in the end and my iPhone 5s got its sound back! The phone rings… 2. I answer with or without headset 3.

No sound! No mic. All works fine until next time the phone rings. Thank you very much. Hi I am able to hear the ringtone but the moment I pick up the call I am not able to hear anything from the Inbuilt speaker I have tried all the steps mentioned on ur site but hard luck still not working Please help if you have any other solutions.

I found the pressing the bottom right of the phone worked — but only when I gave the phone a twist as well. I set the device to play sound — TV so I knew it was working, checked with headphones as well. Took the phones out, pressed the bottom corner… THEN twisted the phone — as in bent the top to the left while twisting the bottom to the right… The sound popped on…. John Ambrose Mine is iPhone 5s Hi I am able to hear the ringtone but the moment I pick up the call I am not able to hear anything from the Inbuilt speaker I have tried all the steps mentioned on ur site but hard luck still not working Please help if you have any other solutions.

My Iphone 5 has the sounds of ticking of the keyboard but on the youtube app all I can hear is vibrating sound thats all. Hi, I got a problem with my iPhone 4s.

Is my right / left iPhone speaker broken? One speaker doesn't work. | The iPhone FAQ

Some apps such as youtube have no sounds. Surprisingly, when I use headphone I can hear the sound. I did all possible tricks from checking of all bottoms and settings to restart and rest the whole phone to get the sound back but NO success. Is there any suggestions?

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Thank you. Not a grammar Nazi, but it makes your page look far more professional! I have a 6S, and it was stuck in head phone mode. I used your strategy to clean out the ports and it worked. The toothbrush with rubbing alcohol followed by the blow dryer on cold setting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.