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There seems no way to disable this account and attempt to sign up again. I tried to use the "Sign Out" menu option but it then takes me straight back to the sign in screen. In on CN 3. With ColorNote wiped, you could re-import from the SD and return to a good state. What's the point of syncing with google if you cannot view via google? You're not syncing with GMail, you're syncing with the Google Apps cloud.

What would you expect from Facebook sync? Is there any way to send email to my colornote to have it as task list or shopping list? Thanks for helping. GMail sync would be lovely. What's the point of sync with Google cloud if I can get to see my notes. Not useful a t all. Is this in the works? Well if your not syncing with gmail, what's the point? Why don't you let everyone know ahead of time that this does not support gmail? How do u get your. You've synched and your phone is lost or stolen? So what is the point of syncing to my google account if I do not have tablet or "new phone"?.

Great app BTW. This works equally well if you buy a New Android phone, or if an operating system upgrade requires a wipe. I think this is a very good app but not too sure how secure the online sync is for personal info etc. Once the online sync of ColorNotes has happened with my google account, where can we find all the syncronized notes in my google account?? Arun - You can't. The sync isn't meant for online access. It's meant purely for backup. If you lose your phone you can enter your google details on your new phone and get your notes back.

Thats my question how we can get it back. Because i am testing it by deleting my files but unable to get them back via google. I am trying to simulate the lost phone scinaro. Pls assist me. Thanks Fishbowler. And if those notes are not available on online, is that they are secure or not.

Use it for about a year. Very usefull app for me. Got too much notes now, so want to suggest to add folder orginizing mean not just color but a feature to create tree-like folders or lables or somehow so i can put my notes there. And also some kind of way to organize it from desktop pc web client, chrome plugin, gmail - anyhow Gmail synchronizing feater - is awesome! Good luck. How i can download incase if lose my phone. Secondly i can see the no of files sync but unable to access it online at google. I would love to use this app but I need possibility to sync with gtasks The App is very useful.

I cannot find backup menu. When I go to Sign Out [Menu - Sign out], it warns me that the notes on the phone will be cleared after online sync. Can I sign out and still be able to keep my notes? I don't have sd card installed and I don't want to lose my notes. Asking same question wherevin google can i see the sycned colornotes? Because if i want to update it online there is no way to do that. Babar - you're on the right track - the Sync feature isn't for viewing online, but for disaster recovery or switching between devices.

Re-creating it is a little tricky. You'd need to set up Sync, create some notes or the other way round , then uninstall the app. Remove any trace of the notes from the SD card. Re-install the app - it should open blank. Set up sync again and the notes will appear. I did not do any sync I backed up all my colornote. I downloaded the colornote app again and I cant see any notes.

I found the old files. How can I retrieve data from the.

How to Send Colornote Notepad notes to iPhone from android

Please help Online sync with google account doesnt work for me on my new phone: Kenz - any error messages? Sheraz - did you solve your problem? I've had the same thing before and solved it, but can't remember how it was done. If you did, can you post here so that Googlers might happen across it?

How do I fix this? Every time I close colornote or try to sync I get this: The application ColorNote process com.

Please try again. I have the same small problem with my ColorNote app that a number of others have! Andrew - I've not had cause to try this before. Have you tried visiting Google. If that doesn't work, what about going to https: I'm nothing to do with the development of this app - I'm just another user. Fishbowler, sorry for the delay in getting back to you; tried that and it didn't work. Thanks anyway! I have a warning at the stop stating that my 'Connection expired please sign in again'.

It shows me my old Gmail address and I click on the "Sign in with Google" button. It pops up the Google 'requesting permission' page, I don't want to allow access because this is my old address and I want to change which one it backs up with. So I click on my profile pic because I know the way Google works and this should give me a sign out option so hopefully I can sign in again with my new Gmail account.

It quickly loads a dialogue box that has the 'Sign Out' link but it's too quick and I can't hit the link in time. The whole Google 'Sign In' box then turns white and I can do anything except hitting the back button on the phone HTC Sensation btw , doing this just takes me back to the back up 'Sign in' page!

Lost all my data last night. Using ColorNotes 3. When I first installed last year, was not aware of the backup function. Have plugged my phone into my PC and see the data for the notes - it must be on my card. Is there a way to get that data back into notes? Andrew - do you have any other browsers installed? Agent - What folder is the data in?

Those seem to be the fles, however, I can't open them to see. When prompted, give it as a passcode. Andrew - which is your default browser? Was thinking that the auth might call the default rather than the stock. Sorry - I don't have a 2nd Google acct to test with Thanks for all the help. I will now set it up for auto sync through my Gmail unless you think there is a better way. Once again, thanks. I didn't have a lot of notes but the ones i had were important.

Please oh please add a few key features. So that I can copy things from anywhere on my phone and save them as a note. This would be particularly handy to be able to copy from an email and paste into a note. Voice to text would be spectacular for quick notes. Last but certainly not least, as mentioned by others, please sync with google tasks.

I really find it a nuisance to input information on my phone but if I could do it on my laptop and sync it my life would be so much easier and better-organized! Same question as other users: How can I correctly unsign from Online Sync? Time of long tapping is too big! Is there possibility to decrease this time or use double click instead? I had Color Note on my Android. I saved my notes to my gmail account, which now I know is Color Note online. Help please!

Fishbowler i have the same problem as agent, how do i access the sd card backup? How you I get them back in my color notes. I have the Galaxy 3. I put my sd card in from my HTC evo. I can see the file on the phone and on the pc but I can't get them back into color notes where I can read them. Dallas Shopper - are you a UK user, per chance? There's a difference at Google's end between gmail.

Hi, I have a phone with a broken screen and it has colornotes on it that I'd like to recover. I'm using an older version of colornote before the fancier UI and I only ever default-saved them, so I'm pretty sure they're not on the SD too. How can I recover these notes before I get a replacement phone? Navifty - It's not difficult to check if it's on the SD. Pop the card into another phone or into an adapter and into a PC.

Look in the data folder for a colornote folder. I had to re-initialize my HTC Desire to factory settings because it was boot looping. Using App Version 3. BlackSpade - honestly, I have no idea on this one. You'd be best mailing the developer using the Email Developer link on the Play Store page - https: I had to reset phone and now can't access colornote backups.

Any ideas? I'm done with the problems with this app, I've now downloaded and using Catch without any problems whatsoever! Or am I mistaken. Same problem as some of above, had to reload phone, colornote found sd backup copy of notes ok but keeps asking for online sync logon every time i start it. Great app. I have some important data with in the ColorNote app that I would like to access. Is this possible from the SD card? Any other method, such as transferring the SD to another Android phone and? Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing.

Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back. Joel JHouston gmail. I accidentally signed in with my Google account for online sync, rather than the email address I used previously. Now it won't let me switch, always asking me to sign in with Google. Just sign out from your google account from your "default" browser.. Anytime I do an online sync on the wildfire, I only get the last 5 notes, then I have to do an sd card backup. Can not open my color notes because I forgot my password, can it be reset have some important info I need to access. I had a problem with my phone and I afraid to lose my data.

With the instructions I restore. Is the best app. How to send long notes using gmail? ColorNotes somehow cuts the note.. How can I access the notes using SD card? I used a xyz googlemail.

How to Send Colornote Notepad notes to iPhone from android - Whatvwant

Getting nuts! I could omit syncing, but how.. Thanks for help! Hi there.. I am new into this kind of blog post but it seems that your topic triggers my curiosity and lead me new ideas and learning. Thank you for sharing such informative post. I would also be glad if you post some articles about toll free numbers. More power to you and more articles to read on soon. Hey guys, do you plan to introduce an online service for managing notes, or a PC application?

Hey guys, thanks a bunch for the reply: I recently went from a DroidX to the iphone 5. I have colornotes backed up on both my SD card from my droid and backed up through your online option also. It looks like Colornote for iPhone is a different app, by a different developer in Norway , that happens to have the same name, unfortunately.

I am about to change from DroidX also to iPhone, will I be able to get an app from you and see my notes? I also have the note files on my pc , they are listed as. This Is very Informative to our Youth. I love your product and use it on both my Nexus 7 and Droid x2. My only quibble is that the syncing between the two is unpredictable--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I tested behavior between the devices and discovered that the only way to ensure syncing consistently occurs across devices is as follows: Device A: But for some reason it doesn't do that. Moreover, one cannot sync from within a specific note itself, especially annoying because I mainly use the same 3 or 4 colornotes as checklists via the widget.

This means that in order to properly ensure consistent syncing across devices I need to in Device A back out of the note, reopen the main app to trigger the autosync, then in Device B open the main app as opposed to the note itself. Wont sync with my google accounts after sing inn stuck at loading please help. I am having exactly the same issue! Have you found a way around this, Goran? I think it some problem with my account on google can someone help.

Really trustworthy blog entry I have ever found.. Its also informative information. Thanks for sharing your experience with us… Telephone. Definitely would like to see a 'sync to pc' option. Heck, the developer could even hit me up for something reasonable to do this, ie a buck or two.. I would pay it to have PC access to edit, create, delete, etc etc notes, and then have them sync to the phone!

Nice article , thanks for posting this useful information. I really would appreciate for your hard work for writing this five star post. I have bookmarked this article id for future browsing purpose. Thanks for providing such valuable tips and tricks to solve hotmail related problems, Now we can solve Hotmail or any webmail related problems If any with the help of customer care services. Now we can get the details of various customer care contact numbers, tech support numbers, chat numbers, email id's from the website http: I used colornote for a long time earlier in the year, and I have since upgraded to a new phone.

I have the. The problem is that I never noticed that colornote had updated: And now the new colornote doesnt detect the old backup files Please SocialnMobile we really need such functionality, or at least a web-based interface on your servers. Keep it up: Thanks for sharing a wonderful info about netgear services.

Now i know how to do it and i will also troubleshot is for people. Gmail Account Support. I have colornote. The files on my sd card where not encrypted by colornote but the sd card was encrypted by the android encryption option on my phone. I took out the sd card and hard reset the phone. I downloaded colornote again and now colornote will not even see the files from my sd card.

I can see the files onthe sd card when the phone is connected to my PC. Any ideas on how to restore these colornote files? This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this. I'm happy about everything you bring it very interesting and helpful, thanks Signature: I am very happy to read this. Appreciate your sharing Signature: Divertirse frozen! Out of no money or little money it much thought lagging performance cool math 4kids , descargar whatsapp , whatsapp plus , whatsapp gratis , coolmath4kids , descargar whatsapp plus gratis , baixar whatsapp plus.

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Question -how can i view my notes online? Is that possible? My question is how can I view them online from a computer and if I log out after a sync on my phone will all my notes be lost? I think they are synced to google but the question is how do i access them outside of my phone so i can restart colornote on my phone with a new username? You can't see them online. What you can do is get another note app. As long as the notes are backed up and synced to your phone, you won't lose them on your phone.

I don't know if Google makes ColorNote for the computer. You will have to get a new code from Google or have the one you have now deleted so you can get into the one's you have now. Hope that helps. I am having trouble backing up Colornote on my Kindle Fire. There is no removable SD card, and when I sign in to Google and enter the code, it won't let me click on the allow button.

Please help as I shattered my Kindle screen last night and will no longer be able to use it. I have a few notes on my phone but the majority are on my Kindle. Thanks for providing us this great knowledge, i think i need this. Keep it up. Goto sdcard backup screen on your old phone. Hi there,I enjoy reading through your article post, I wanted to write a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuationAll the best for all your blogging efforts.

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You will see all existing notes. If you are creating the first note, you will see nothing here. Touch on the edit button at the bottom. You will see an empty place to write new note content. Touch with your finger, you will see Paste option. Touch on Paste option. Content will be pasted. Select Done at top right. Like this, you can send one note after another. You May Like: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Your rating: I am the Administrator of this blog.

We have the latest discount coupons and deals from top software brands. Just see DealVwant. If you want to Make money by creating a blog, just check This Guide. If you like my article, you can Follow me on Google , Twitter , Facebook. Is it possible that I have have to copy all notes one by one? Nad what if you have kind of notes? I thought that is why backup exsist. Copyng one by one notes really looks useless work to me.. When should I finish? What are your thoughts on this?

Hi, thank you for this guide. My old android phone is already wiped and account transferred to new iphone. When I log onto colornote via pc it says there is no available device — the old phone is listed but greyed out. Am I out of luck here? Thank you very much for this guide. I successfully downloaded notes from the windows store app.

Then I synchronized my notes app to the google account on my android phone. After that I logged in onto the color note for windows, and copied over copy-paste text to the icloud notes app, after which it synchronized automatically on my iphone. How do you copy notes from the Colornote app on a PC? I have right clicked, etc. First, select the content and then right click you will see Copy option. The Same app is not available for iOS. You need to follow above procedure to send notes to iPhone notes app. Your email address will not be published.

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