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The exact heritage of Adobe Reader 2. It does the job but with little panache. Adobe then brought in Quickoffice, by now past masters of the art of coding and building for Symbian OS and a company that already had the market leading mobile office suite, to help develop a new version that promised compatibility with new Acrobat elements introduced in recent years.

And, just to add spice to the pot, Nokia's S60 seems to have had a hand in bringing the two together and subsequently licensing the new version for as yet unspecified new devices. Adobe's latest PDF 1. But it's Quickoffice who are the ones bringing v2. Gathering a test suite of ten PDF documents from assorted sources remember that Adobe, like Microsoft, just can't resist fiddling with their file formats - sigh , I opened them in both the old and new versions. Admittedly, I hadn't sought out documents that explicitly used the very latest version of Acrobat, but all the PDFs were from the last couple of years and were very much 'real world' documents, plucked entirely at random.

Performance, in terms of loading time, text finding time and RAM use around 3. On the E90's wide screen, with the view set to full width, scrolling up and down the image in v2. In contrast, the old v1. One A4 page, a camper van review with half a dozen photos, took well over a minute to render at readable resolution.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Again, the old v1. On the plus side, at least large graphics are handled at all. One of my test documents, an E90 technical service guide, had a complex full page graphic that brought up a false 'memory low' error on the E90 in v1. And it's worth noting that the graphical slowdown was far less noticeable on traditional QVGA-screened smartphones.

Trying to spot instances of page elements being missed by the older v1. Nothing mission critical, but if you're after the perfect rendering of the virtual page, then the new version will definitely be better.

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Not perfect though. One of my test documents produced by Nokia refused to render readable on either version. I am not running any applications in the background and have gone back to the store and tried viewing the file on an N73 out of the box with the same results. Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering whether there is any information about Adobe Reader for Nokia Does anyone know? Any help would be great. I just got a new Nokia which also has the Symbian OS. Are the current Reader products phone specific? I really just want to put a few docs on there.

Is there a pdf reader for the Nokia ? Whilst it works OK on some files, it will not open others? Is there a file size limit? I have plenty of free memory on the device so it seems strange that some files will not open. Any suggestions welcome. As of 01 May 09, yong reader has moved to http: I'm trying to delete a PDF file from my phone but cant find where it has been saved.

Where are. Tried using Search on Phone Browser but with no luck. But however, it prints only number columns by page and no pdf documents. It prints photos by Bluetooth perfectly from the mobile. Whats the matter? Thanks a lot Greeting from Germany RB. What does this mean and how do I rectify the problem? Unfortunately Adobe Reader LE 2. Is it possible to fill and save those forms? When I open pdf files on my N73 mobile, I get the error message Not enough memory. Although I have got memory space is available.

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When will adobe relese a pdf viewer for S60 5th Edition phones? I have Adobe Digital Editions at my netbook and I have a lot of e-books. I was wondering if I could read them on my mobile phone as well. What is newer versio and where i could find it? Thanks SAP man.

I read a book which sized 15mb, every time I load it there display 'Not Enough Memory', Could anybody tell me how to do? To easily read Adobe pdf on your mobile phone Nokia series 40 and Symbian OS , you can copy and paste your pdf file into your note on your PC.

Save as a text file and download to your mobile phone.

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Reading pdf files is very slow on my nokia mobile phone.

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I have Adobe Reader LE 2. I have tried also wrap text option and the problem persists. Is there anyway to reduce the quality of the pdf displayed on my mobile?? How do I install the reader for the Nokia N73 music edition? Few days ago I had troubles with my phone and I couldn't start it anymore. After hard-reseting it, it worked again. I read in the FAQ that using Adobe acrobat - u can convert existing. Is this straight forward? I read another posting which says this is difficult. Pse help. What's the reason?

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Where can I get the unlock code for this software, installed on my Nokia E90? I accidentally deleted my photos from adobe reader in my samsung galaxy s Adobe Community: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Channel Description: Need Acrobat reader for N Contact us about this article. I desperately need HELP!!!! Adobe Reader 1. Reader does not work on my No memory!

How to create tagged PDF for Symbian. Need text converter to smartphone screen size, to scroll up and down only. Is there a size limitation of PDF file? Corrupt Reader. Nokia N80 Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader for Nokia Adobe Reader for Sony Ericsson P? Phone specific?