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And while this is a feature that has been available in smartwatches for some time, now that Apple has brought it to the Apple Watch Series 3 , it's finally expected to go mainstream. Read this: The best LTE smartwatches.

But just what does it all mean, and is it worth shelling out cash for the added feature? Well, read on to find out everything you need to know about LTE in smartwatches. Yeah, just what the hell is it? And in smartwatch terms, this allows you to connect to cellular networks and take calls, use apps, receive and send messages and take part in all the other usual smartphone frivolities — without your smartphone being nearby.

If you go out on a run, you'll no longer need to miss out on a call or text, while leaving a phone at home becomes a genuine option for those interested. What's new in watchOS 4. There are a couple of caveats, though. In order for your smartwatch to mimic your phone, it has to be able to connect to the same network carrier. And for those wanting to leave their phone behind, taking calls from the wrist requires you to link the same number as your smartphone.

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Instead of having to carry a SIM ejector around with you and deal with a physical card, some watches use eSIM technology, which is essentially an embedded variant that can't be moved from the hood. One of the first examples we saw of this was Samsung's Gear S2 3G, though of course the Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to make this a staple of future devices. The benefit of this tech over regular SIM cards is the smaller size — companies are already trying to reduce size, so this is a natural step — and the efficiency of sharing your number between phone and watch through software.

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Samsung Galaxy Express 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Samsung Galaxy Trend. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Samsung Galaxy Star. Samsung Pocket Neo. There are two Gear S3 models — the Classic and the Frontier. The differences are minute: The Gear S3 Frontier has a sportier design, is 5 grams heavier, and comes with a more rugged silicone strap. The design is bulky and very masculine. I usually prefer classic designs akin to the Classic S3, but the Frontier has more character. It looks more like a regular wristwatch than the futuristic Apple Watch.

The Gear S3 comes pre-installed with some ugly watch faces, but thankfully the companion app is chock full of free and paid faces you can install. That means you can take it up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. It works okay in the rain, but we had some temporary touch issues the longer it got wet. While durability requires a long-term test, the Gear S3 has managed to survive minor bumps along walls with no scratches. The top one is the back button and the second acts as the home button.

The Gear S3 shows color in always-on mode, unlike the monochrome style on the S2. That helps it look even more like a regular watch than the S2 or other smartwatches. The real highlight that makes the Gear smartwatches unique is the innovative rotating bezel. The Gear S2 was more futuristic looking, while the Classic and now the Frontier are more like traditional wristwatches with slick bezels, detachable straps, and minimal buttons. Gestures can only do so much, understandably. You can use it to set reminders and alarms, send messages, make calls, open apps, and more.

The Gear S3 runs buttery smooth, and we had no hiccups with it. Just tap and hold the screens to customize them. You can also press and hold the back button to trigger Samsung Pay, press and hold the home button to see powering off options for the Gear S3, or double tap it to bring up voice search with S Voice. All the way at the end of the list is the widget creation button, in case you want to add something new. These widgets can range from news stories from Flipboard to music controls. Another big problem is that there are inconsistencies in how some notifications are synced, and you may have to use some Samsung apps for optimal performance.

It deleted them fine on the Galaxy S7 Edge, though. On the topic of messaging, you can scribble letters to send quick messages, or you can access the keyboard to type something in. Samsung gives you a lot of options on how to send messages, like Apple with the Apple Watch. With the LTE model of the Gear S3, you can leave your phone behind and still have complete functionality on the watch. The 4GB of internal storage should be enough to download a hefty amount of songs onto the watch, but you can also make calls, respond to texts, or navigate, thanks to the built-in GPS.

The call quality is surprisingly decent if you turn the volume up to the highest level. This means that you can use your watch to make payments at almost any checkout terminal. MST, or Magnetic Secure Transmission, is accepted at almost all checkout terminals that have a card reader. Whether you have the LTE variant or not, Samsung Pay stores information so that you can make 10 transactions before you need to pair the S3 with the phone again. This is likely the best reason to get the Gear S3. The Gear S3 Classic and Frontier come equipped with a mAh battery, and Samsung claims you can go up to four days on a single charge.

We say more like a day and a half — maybe two. You can stretch the battery life much longer if you have most of those features turned off. It hardly loses power on standby mode. Samsung packs a wireless charging cradle in the box, and it comes equipped with a LED indicator to notify you when your device is charging and has been fully charged.