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Android 14

As for 13 who was greatly damaged he sought out someone to repair and upgrade him and went to one of the only scientists smart enough to fix an Android like him Dr. Barely making it there 13 requests Flappe to fix him in order to kill the menace known as Cell and save the world. Agreeing to this after 10 long days 13 is fully repaired and even upgraded to be much stronger than he was before.

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With this new power 13 immediately turns on Dr. Flappe killing him to make sure his talents can not be used against him and sets off for the Cell Games which are very underway at the moment as Cell is trying to force Gohan into unleashing his rage. Suddenly 13 busts onto the scene causing everyone to pause at the new arrival even Cell who is shocked to see 13 alive after their last encounter. Deciding that he is not worthy of a fight Cell creates another Cell Jr to take out Cackling out like a madman the Cell Jr leaps at 13 who simply catches the Cell Jr by the throat and with a flick of his wrist crushes the creatures neck and pops his head off like like a cork to a bottle.

Realizing 13 has grown much much stronger since their last encountered Cell powers up and attacks As the two are busy fighting Gohan looks over the scene seeing all the chaos happening around him as everyone he knows and loves is slowly being beaten to death by the Cell Jrs all because he can't unleash his hidden power and he just breaks down. Suddenly 16s head rolls up to Gohan who stops his crying as 16 tries to sooth him encouraging him to unleash his power and let it all go. Watching the scene a random Cell Jr with a sinister cry jumped on 16s head smashing it into pieces.

With 16 dead and the carnage all around him Gohan unwilling to watch anyone else die finally transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. With his new power Gohan quickly dispatches all of the Cell Jrs and sets his sights on the two androids above. With his newfound speed Gohan in one quick motion sends 13 into a mountain with a single kick. Congratulating Gohan on his new power Cell cockily remarks that even with it he is still superior. Gohan unfazed simply ignores the Perfect being which causes Cell to become enraged with his disrespect and attack Gohan in a fury.

Without even needing to look behind him Gohan easily avoids all of Cells punches and kicks before swiping the Senzu Beans and handing them to Krillin. Deciding enough was enough Cell finally unleashed his full power his energy spiking to a much higher level but even that was not enough to damage Gohan who simply shrugged off his attack.

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Meanwhile 13 had recovered from Gohans attack and charged at Gohan who blocks all of his attacks with a single arm. Seeing the situation being turned against them the two androids begrudgingly make a truce to take out Gohan but all is in vain as even with their combined might without even breaking a sweat he is able to completely decimate the two.

As 13 is sent to the ground with a punch he quickly searches for anything that can help him win this fight when he soon spots parts of Android 16 specifically his fighting data and power battery. With no time to waste 13 wills those two thinfs towards him surprising everyone as they enter him.

With a yell 13s body begins to expand even further growing muscly and his body encased itself in a green armor similar to 16s. Everyone even Gohan was shocked by what was going on and as 13 settled down no one was sure of what was going to happen next. Suddenly before anyone could even blink Gohan was attacked by 13 and for the first time the Saiyan was hit by thunderous punch to the gut nearly making him cough up blood.

Going for another punch Gohan this time was barely able to avoid it countering with a kick of his own. For a while everyone even Cell watched as the two fighters fought to a standstill neither able to overcome the other. That is when Cell knowing that whoever won would simply kill him decided to instead take Earth and the entire Galaxy along with him in one final explosion. As Cell announces his plans this puts an abrupt end to Gohan and 13s fight as they realize there is no way to save themselves. With their backs against the wall in one last desperate move to save the Earth from certain destruction Goku makes the ultimate sacrifice transporting Cell and himself to King Kais right as the monster explodes killing him along with everyone else on his planet.

With Goku gone and Gohan devastated 13 revels in Goku and Cells death completing his two objectives and fulfilling Geros plan for revenge.

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With a newfound rage flowing through him Gohan slowly gets back up ready to end 13 and save the Earth once and for all jist like his father had intended. Suddenly a Death Beam shoots out at both Gohan who just barely manages to avoid the attack and instead of hitting Gohan it hits Trunks killing him almost instantly. Looking at the direction the attack came from they immediately spot Cell who explains that he survived the attack thanks to his incredible regeneration process allowing him to heal even with only a single cell left and he has now grown much much stronger since before as well as learned the Instant Transmission by absorbing Gokus cells once more.

Meanwhile Vegeta crouching over the son he neglected for so long suddenly has an epiphany realizing all the awful things he has done to his son. His regret and self loathing soon turn into anger and hatred at seeing his son now dead before him his blood staining his white gloves turning them a dark shade of red. And just like Gohan Vegeta finally lets all of the feelings he had been bottling up for years and finally succumbs to them transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 much to the shock of everyone. With Vegeta now in the fight it becomes a tag team battle as Gohan and Vegeta both put their pride aside to work together against the android menace.


For what felt like hours the four fought in heart stopping action as the eyes of Universe watched in anticipation for what would either be their salvation or destruction. In one final move the four engage in one gigantic clash of Ki nearly destroying the entire Earth with their amazing power. Unfortunately Gohan and Vegeta soon begin to run out of energy their Super Saiyan 2 forms growing weaker by the second as they are still much to unstable to be used for such an exhausting fight.

Android 14 takes the appearance of a large, heavily built muscular man. He dons a brown brassard and belt combination, large brown gloves, a long green skirt, and yellow and black boots. His skin tone is a shade of silver and unlike all other androids created by Gero or his computer, has brown eyes instead of blue. In the original version, Android 14 is almost completely silent, saying only one line a few times throughout the entire film: In the Funimation dub of the film, Android 14 is given a handful of additional lines, such as when he stops Future Trunks' sword attack and remarks, "Little boys shouldn't play with knives.

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Android 14 is completed by Dr. Gero's self-aware supercomputer alongside Android The two set out for West City , [2] where they devastatingly assault a restaurant where Goku's family is in the midst of dining, in an effort to kill Goku. After rescuing bystanders in the restaurant's vicinity, a short battle between the androids and Goku and Future Trunks ensues; the fighters soon after take their combat to an isolated glacial area , where they are followed by Gohan and Krillin.

While 14 and 15 are taking up arms against Goku and Trunks, a third android arrives on the scene: In the original, he only remarks "Son Goku His main concern is his duty to take out Goku and company, and he expresses a very cocky and mellow attitude. He is also seen getting aggravated at 14 after he falls into a pit of deep snow and is not helped by his android comrade. He can be seen drinking from a small flask throughout the film usually directly prior to engagement in battle. Sign In Don't have an account?

Android 15

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