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So finally, I only tested the eMMC which turns not to be so bad after all. I could install Skype and Google Hangouts, but once I connected my USB webcam I lost all input to the mini PC keyboard and air mouse unresponsive for 30 seconds or so before I could use the system again. The camera was detected in Google Handhouts Camera icon shown , but I could not get any image during calls. Trying to call a real person, who just get me the Android home screen, and start Skype again.

I control Candy Crush Saga with the air mouse, and game play was nice and smooth. The former was behaving just like on higher end Android TV boxes, with a higher framerate even with quality settings set to the maximum.

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Riptide GP2 was playable with high quality settings, but far from optimal, and the user experience appeared to deteriorate with time. Wintel W8 got 30, points in Antutu 5. Rockchip RK devices now get around 36, to 39, points. When it comes to Windows 8. But dual boot with Android is the selling point of this device, and the Android firmware is actually fairly good with Google Play support, and very stable, but some applications like Office, Kodi, and Skype should still better run in Windows 8.

The dual boot firmware helps Wintel W8 being a better device, as some of the cons, such as average Kodi or poor Skype support in Android, can easily be worked around by rebooting into Windows. Throughput in Mbps. Client connecting to You can still use the 'classic' theme, which is what you might have today, or you can choose to customize your Travelport Smartpoint to work the way you want.

You get the option of clicking Try Flex Windows, or selecting to continue with the existing classic layout. For example: Users can tab from one box, down to the next.

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Available in certain countries only. Visit www. To shop:. Identifying whether a keyboard insert key is active is easy. If the cursor flashes red the insert key is active. Quotes that contains full details of a trip can now be sent straight from the desktop to the traveler. Agents can now choose more types of content to include in the quote. If they search and display for air, car or hotel information, they can now easily include it in the quote at any stage in the process. The content can conveniently be added to a basket — building up the different options as you search for them.

When you are ready you can finalize the quote with no limitations on how many options you include. Improving the quality of the information within a quote provides additional details to help customers to decide which quote to book more quickly. There is also the ability to include a service fee and mark up to ensure the price quoted includes all applicable fees and charges up front. When using Microsoft Outlook the Trip Quote email sent to your customer can be seen in your sent email folder. Discover more at: Involuntary exchanges can be used to reissue tickets for even exchanges, such as schedule changes and involuntary re-routing.

If the carrier does not support ETR, the Involuntary Exchange screen in the Ticket Exchange Plus script is displayed and can be used to complete the exchange. Travelport Smartpoint provides users with the ability to retrieve and display SeatGuru ratings and reviews as part of their existing workflow. While creating an itinerary, agents are now able to view chargeable seats and prices on a seat map. The ability to book airline ancillary services for participating carriers directly from the desktop is available. Click the split window icon first for the 2 availability screens to be displayed one on top of the other.

This capability will allow travel agents to search for hotel properties using partial street address in addition to the other location parameters. This removes the need for agents to search and book outside Travelport Worldspan or to access another system when searching for hotels within a surrounding area based on a specific location address. TripAdvisor ratings and reviews can be retrieved and displayed as part of the existing workflow enabling agents to inform customers to make an informed decision when booking hotels.

The hotel booking screens within Travelport Smartpoint are interactive with lots of information being available from one shopping entry. Each of these clickable links gives more information on the chosen property. Agents can search by entering an airport name or city name. Once this information is entered, a map showing hotel locations will be displayed. Agents can access a custom itinerary by clicking on the record locator and this contains the ability to send an email to a specific passenger.

Agents can customize the email by adding a logo or changing the color of the headers, can move the agency logo and address to the left or the right and it can be oppened in a new window. The user can also right click to remove a segment or section. Up to ten frequently used queues and categories can be automatically polled at a predefined time. Proactive notifications are received when queues are updated. Clicking on the required record locator will display the PNR.

Win8 appears to be really good for tablets and casual one-user-per-computer use, but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing how Win8 can be used in any kind of multiuser environment.

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I never said don't use the app menu, I just said most software if not all can be achieved by using the desktop environment. Anyway I'm pretty certain you can create your own tiles using Visual Studio because I made a hello world one recently. Another thing, I have noticed at my organization that the tiles menu is stored somewhere in the users profile. We have roaming profiles here and once I had an issue with the tiles missing from a particular user.

I managed to replace a file called appsFolder. I don't know if this was a fluke though. But What I'm trying to say is if I could even manage that then I'm sure sooner or later somebody will come up with an idea about adding tiles etc. Has anyone tried this: MSFT only recommends admin-orchestrated software installs. Why on Earth not allowing to deploy apps at least based on their has sums if you wish to some users in some OU?

If they can navigate and find everything they need to install and use software they want in Linux, surely an IT professional can too?

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Most major distributions have GUI's practically functionally identical to Windows so for a typical user there's little to no difference. As for being "viable only for some scientific-oriented tasks", I have no idea what you are talking about. You do know there are hundreds of thousands of applications out there for Linux, right? Quite a number of them are every bit as good or even superior to their Windows counterparts.

Even if you don't want to change it you can at least see what it really does, instead of guessing like we too often find ourselves doing in both the Mac and Windows worlds because of inadequate documentation or deliberate obfuscation. I call BS on the security issue too. Windows has made some serious strides here, but continues to be plagued by issues. There is a lot of security work being done continuously on Linux as well so I do not see your point. This thread seems to look at the consumer software configuration in a public cloud - while wondering how to do it a private cloud or domain network.

Have not dwelled on that yet However, we don't just let anything public cloud come into visting the private cloud in i. Did a quick search Here is the Microsoft technet site: Hopefully, Microsoft will starting publishing soon about that. And some early stuff from April Or may be the Boeing cockpit is just "intuitive" - after we added 10 more buttons to make the other invisible. But nobody knows how to flip the 10 buttons precisely to make them buttons invisble.

But the 10 buttons are intuitive, so nobody will write about it? Blazer, I acquired my MCITP after reading every single book and doing every single task in it and studying very hard to achieve it. I didn't know the questions??? And the labs I had to do?

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Which we very hard by the way. So I saw the future or something and got in my time machine?? I'm a firm believer of embracing new technology and trying out new features by Microsoft.. How backward thinking is that?? But I reckon I know your type, the nerd with a pony tail who thinks they know everything about I.

T, and just love shutting down everything to the end user because it makes them feel powerful. I've met many of your type at conventions and other IT management get together's. It always amazes me too Yay lets lock everything down so the users can't even make a right click If you honestly think that I am not keeping a close eye on what is being installed then you are mistaken.

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