Cell phone personal greeting samples

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Make a Good First Impression With a Personalized Voicemail Greeting

What is the web address? Are there additional numbers for them to call in case of an emergency? Keep your voice message short and sweet.

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An optimal recording is about 25 seconds. Hello, you have reached the office of [ your name ]; I will be out of my office starting on [ date ] and will be returning on [ date ]. You can call me when I return or leave a brief message. If this is an emergency I can be reached on my cell, which is [ your number ]. Hi, this is [ your name ] of [ your business ]. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, and I will contact you as soon as possible. You have reached [ your business ]. All of our sales representatives are busy serving other customers but we would like to return your call as soon as possible.

For current pricing information or to check the status of your order, please visit us on the web at [ your website ]. Otherwise, please leave us a message with your name and number after the tone.

Professional Phone Etiquette : Preparing to Record Voicemail Greetings

If you would like to return to the previous menu, press the [ key to main menu ]. We are currently closed.

Sample Voice Mail Greetings

Our normal hours of operations are from [ hours ] [ days ]. We are closed on [ days ]. Please leave us a message with your name and number and we will return your call when the office reopens. You may hang up after leaving your message or press the [ key ] for additional options. Thank you for calling.

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All of our representatives are currently busy, but if you leave us a detailed message with your name and number we will return your call in the next two hours. Thank you for calling and have a great day. Download mp3. Are you presenting yourself professionally on the phone? It only takes about minutes of your time, but it will go a long way in making current customers, future prospects, and other callers feel important and valued.

Perfect Voicemail Greetings: 10 Helpful Tips and Templates

The only background noise your callers should hear is on-hold music. Anything that breaks up the monotony of corporate greetings will do the trick. Record something like: Hi, you've reached CorporateSoxBox. We believe in providing you with the best socks you've ever worn.

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  • Leave a message so we can keep you socked up! Oftentimes, your voicemail greeting is the first impression a caller gets of your personality, your brand, and your business. And as the old adage reminds us, first impressions are everything. If you want, you can even include a joke on your greeting. A funny voicemail message can leave a lasting impression.

    Good voicemail greeting examples

    The easiest way to foster engagement and interaction is to encourage callers to reveal something about themselves by asking them a question. Smiling is a total game-changer when it comes to the tone of your voicemail greeting. Think about it: So why should your recorded first impression be any different?

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    • The sound of a smile helps create a tone and message that convey how much you care about your caller and what she has to say. And just like all aspects of customer service and marketing, the customer has to feel like she matters. And that goes a long way for professionalism. Just write it out and read it out loud a time or two.

      When you call someone for the first time, unless you know their voice, you really have no way of making sure you actually called the right number. This is pretty simple. You can also limit the number of irrelevant messages you get from people who meant to call someone else. This tip is more for you than your callers.