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However the power of RMaps is that you can build your own map and have it displayed on the phone even when not connected. Another big benefit is that you will also have use of GPS satelites to show your position on that offline map, even the Compass that is of great help to make you understand which street is what you need to. Build our offline map.

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To do this we download the Mobile Atlas Creator. The application is written in Java and requires that you have Java 1. Open the application. Select the Map Source in step 1. After you select the Map Source, you must select the zone of interest. Think that you cannot create a map of all the world. After all you have limited space on your memory card, and you cannot host something that Google keeps on more than one server on your own phone, even if it was expensive.

If you plan to visit a city in your next journey, select a zone wide enough that contains that city in my case I just selected Paris and surroundings.

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If you leave that area, you will have a blank portion. Like this: Like Loading Yea, dj. That did the trick for me, too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Maps display well on Basecamp and GPSr. Have had a couple of hiccups with GPSr startup since adding the MobAC maps but can't tell if the they're causing the problem. Apart from that so far so good. Also would like to know if the images are offset. No not offset that I can tell. A 2 kilometre odd saved. Have been using MobAC 1.


XP sp3. Tried version1.

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Google Terrain to kmz format Zoom14 Grid disabled zoom level 14 checkbox equates to about 13km x 9km per each screen-sized selection times however many selections added to the 'atlas tree' Resulting kmz files imported to Basecamp and 62S Saved tracks and Vector roads overlay the MobAC map well in BCamp and 62S. Contours and shaded terrain are clear enough IMO. Separate area was meant to mean separate thread, a new thread: But I need the google and nearmaps tested in real situ to see if there is an offset.

I will move these past few posts a little later. They obviously couldnt fix the issue discussed above I've tried many times, but never had any luck. Hi Probably a terminolgy issue here - "OziExplorer Maps" come in a variety of formats e. The images by themselves are not "Oziexplorer maps" - they are just maps in raster format. CompeGPS Land CGL will open most of the abovementioned image formats and it will also "read" the Ozi calibration file if there is one associated with the image..

If you are having trouble suspect you are trying to open an unsupported image format eg OZF. Thank don't work for me. Must be a problem with the image map. I normally don't worry about converting maps any more, since getting the 1: But I am going to Sydney in a fortnights to do a lot of bushwalking and hiking, wanted some maps of the area on the Sportiva. I'll just take my Oregon and use the OSM maps. I can't be bothered with mucking about with these maps again. I just want to pick the thing up and go walking, instead of spending hours upon hours trying to get maps onto this.

Very happy with the 1: Would be helpful to establish exact cause of the issue for future reference.

Mobile Atlas Creator will not load MyTopo map source?

Snip Must be a problem with the image map. Oh - almost forgot - Issue may not be with the image format. If CGL doesnt recognise either you will get an error message. Are you getting an error message of any type when trying to open a "Ozi map" as described Yes, getting a error, Can't exactly remember what it is. I'm not on the PC tonight, I'm using my Mac. No worries - let us know finer details when you can. Cheers Greg A good example is Ozi maps I downloaded tonight from a link on this forum.

A good example is Ozi maps I downloaded tonight from a link on this forum. Hi Most of these are ozf format - so wont open in CGL. So they're not compatible? I don't know how I done it. So there not compatible? No - hence the "Unknown bitmap file extension" message. Yes well.. Will try later and let you all know result Did get an error message or two at initial start up using both methods but seems to work ok after that.

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Add a comment. Learn to use jQuery animation and use a basic slide function or something like that jQuery is a javascript library that i find very useful. Source s: I know I suspect there are licensing issues Terraserver maps are a good alternative. Existing questions.