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GL Journal entries. You should take a note that Oracle Assets does not create any journal entries when you retire an expensed item. How does Oracle uses retirement convention?

The fixed asset application uses the prorate convention to determine how much depreciation to take in the first and last year of an asset's life based on when you place the asset in service. In case of earlier retirement of the asset before it is fully reserved, Oracle uses the retirement convention to determine how much depreciation to take in the year retired based on the retirement date. Asset Retirements - Effect on Depreciation. Some more customer's requirement in Fixed Asset Area. Others Options for Asset Retirements in Oracle.

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Fixed Asset: This report shows the asset retirements for each of your cost centers for the Book and during the Period you select. Optionally enter a Cost Center range to limit report output.

New Retirements and Reinstatements Data Model White Paper for Fixed Assets

By the way the DBA's restrict access to seeing the sql behind the reports. Any FA Gurus out there to assist? By Leah Kopel. Follow Tech Sign In Page. Monday January 24, Answer this question.

Asset Retirements and Reinstatements

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January 24, Also take a look at the 'RX-only: For a closer look at the retirements and reinstatements functionality in Fixed Assets, review this new data model white paper! Deciding key flex field structure is an important decision in any organization while implementing Oracle application. When it comes to fixed This module is used to record the asset information manually and to import Tuesday , October