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Started a couple days ago and am lvl 28 now. Sep 22nd Guest Hey cats and kittens, add me up android.

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Knights & Dragons - Heroic Mode Tips #1 & Novice Visual Guide

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  6. Oct 20th Guest Add android wbx-yff-fpf. Oct 18th Guest iOS lvl Oct 15th Guest Hey everyone use my referral code to get yourself some cool armor and to help me out also! Oct 6th Guest Add me need more friends for boss battles level 25 with 3 legendary armours. Friend code: Sep 11th Guest Add me pls: In this game, you start off with one single knight and as you play through, you unlock a whole other range of elemental knights, which you can then use to slay enemies in different battlegrounds.

    Guide to Knights & Dragons for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

    As you progress through the game, levels quickly go from being very easy to being very difficult. If you get stuck in a certain difficulty level of a stage any stage in honor, valor or epic mode for example , then simply go back to one of the easier difficulties and play it over and over, grinding it for experience points. You might get the urge to cop some gems and continue the fight, but just X out of the battle. Once you make a return to the game and that battle in particular, all of your knights will heal back up. A simple restart is all you need to clear those tough battles. Each elements is stronger or weaker against an opposing element, so make sure you know which ones to equip against certain elemental enemies.

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    The list of elemental advantages below should clear things up for you:. Once you do that, it gives you a 20 percent bonus Fusion XP. The game starts slow with lots of Quests.

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    If you play regularly for about a week, you will be just fine.