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The game simply checks all words as you play, and of course adds up the scores for you. Regardless of the matchmaking shortcomings, Scrabble on the iPad is an excellent game and obvious replacement for the physical board game. Pocket Gamer UK. Great local multiplayer features and generally clever design earn this iPad version of Scrabble a word of praise. User Reviews.

Write a Review. A great adaption of the board game, this game is fun, even if you play with the AI. It shows how clever you are you with words. Must have for A great adaption of the board game, this game is fun, even if you play with the AI.

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Must have for an iPad user. This game is just another complete rip-off of angry birds. The game itself is exactly the same except the graphics quality is much lower and This game is just another complete rip-off of angry birds. The game itself is exactly the same except the graphics quality is much lower and the gameplay is significantly less user friendly.

It's alright.. I got it cuz I got into word games recently I dont understant such a good score. Now I It's alright.. Now I switch between scrabble and "Study!

Letterpress (Free)

Language Word Game" it's not famous as indie game but content is big and I can learn a new language. Now someone please tell me why this game got a 94? The same as Mass Effect 2?

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Sure it is an improvement over the board game, but it is a dull Now someone please tell me why this game got a 94? Loses communication with the EA server when all other apps are working fine with their servers. Does not communicate the end of a game so another one can be started. Have not received any updates like other apps have done for IOS 7 software. Don't believe EA has brought this app up to speed for the software.

Very slow in responding to a play from another player. Makes it extremely difficult to sit down and play an entire game. My own personal opinion is that EA does not consider it important to keep itunes app up to date so they will work properly. I have troubleshooted all of the things that Itunes support suggest and it does not appear to be much better. All setting are correct and notifications are set to notify automatically.

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I am not having trouble with any of the other many apps I have downloaded. Thanks for you help in this matter. Hopefully we can solve this together. Have a great day. John L. I am having major problems with jellysplash appearing and preventing my getting into scrabble on my iPhone. It keeps appearing after every go and I just can't stop it playing through its entire ad and then it wants me to install jellysplash.

Any idea how I can stop this? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that makes no difference. About to give up altogether soon if I can't sort this, its driving me insane!

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Please help resolve this issue, it is really annoying to continually sign in!!! I can play a game or two and when I refresh, I am logged out and have to log back in!!

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How do I change the dictionary in scrabble for iPad? I have the new version - it says you can change dictionaries. This dictionary is ridiculous. Since when is "ST' a word? It would be nice to be able to look up definitions November - last edited November I noticed that the 2 Letter Words dictionary is different when I play my Sister. There are other examples of these discrepancies. This is frustrating because I do not need or care to see a replay of the last word played by the game. Even more so and it's annoying to have to replace my tiles on the board in the exact same place.

A poor reproduction of the original. Don't buy it unless you have very low expectations. When playing a 12 turn game, there is no way to see how many turns remain! The dictionary mode should be optional, that way players could challenge each other's words forcing a player who lays down an invalid word to lose their turn.

Currently a player can keep laying down tiles and rely on the game to tell them if the word is valid. This is an obvious deviation from the original rules. Currently, when a player uses the dictionary, the next player can see the last word the previous player was looking up. This gives the current player some insight to the previous player's letters.

It would be nice if the dictionary showed the definition of words. It would be nice if the game saved scores by player name s as well as the actual screenshot of the final game. Greg won 23 games, Lillian won 35 games, etc. It would be nice if there was a way to save a picture of the board at the end of a game. If would be nice to have a feature to allow the player to undo their word. Occasionally, we've accidentally pressed play before laying down all the letters we wanted. Hello Gvp, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us; I'm sorry you had a frustrating time playing Scrabble.

If you have any further feedback that you'd like to share, please feel free to make a post at Answers HQ: We always welcome feedback from our players about our games, and how we can improve. App Store Preview.

Trouble with scrabble and jellysplash

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you a great Scrabble experience! As always, thanks for playing!