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This means that you'll find software that are useful for establishing a connection to your eWON, for upgrading them, storing data into a database Current version: You can find more info on the eBuddy Companion Tool page. This tool makes it just as if you were locally connected to the eWON where you could reach the devices behind it.

Unlimited messaging through your Internet connection

You can find more info on the eCatcher Companion Tool page. Starting a conversation is merely a case of clicking 'Chat' to launch a new chat tab. On the latter point, the preset emoticons within eBuddy Mobile Messenger are pretty basic. You can download new ones from eBuddy, but not that many.

eBuddy Messenger Android

The use of tabs helps to keep the screen clutter-free and makes everything clearly visible. Even to have Skype text chat would've been a nice addition. If all you want to do is send instant messages though, eBuddy Mobile Messenger makes it quick and easy to chat across different IM networks.

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