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The Winamp for Mac Sync Beta app is brand new and available as a free download. The new version of Winamp also includes more streaming music for Winamp's "Listening Party" feature, where you can stream songs and listen together with friends, and more free music from Spinner. Even if you don't drop the money on the Pro bundle, the free version offers more music than it did before, and is worth a download if you're already using the app or want to take advantage of Winamp for Android's Wi-Fi sync. You can reach Alan Henry, the author of this post, at alan lifehacker.

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WinAMP 0. There was no position bar, and a blank space where the spectrum analyzer and waveform analyzer would later appear. Multiple files on the command line or dropped onto its icon were enqueued in the playlist. Version 1.

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It showed a spectrum analyzer and color-changing volume slider, but no waveform display. The AMP non-commercial license was included in its help menu. MP3 file "Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass". By July , Winamp's various versions had been downloaded over three million times. PlayMedia filed a federal lawsuit against Nullsoft in March Howard Matz against distribution of Nitrane by Nullsoft, and the same month the lawsuit was settled out-of-court with licensing and confidentiality agreements.

Nullsoft relaunched the Winamp-specific winamp. As of June 22, , Winamp surpassed 25 million registrants.

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The next major Winamp version, Winamp3 so spelled to include mp3 in the name and to mark its separation from the Winamp 2 codebase , was released on August 9, It was a complete rewrite of version 2, newly based on the Wasabi application framework, which offered additional functionality and flexibility. Winamp3 was developed parallel to Winamp 2, but "many users found it consumed too many system resources and was unstable or even lacked some valued functionality, such as the ability to count or find the total duration of tracks in a playlist ".

In response to users reverting to Winamp 2, Nullsoft continued the development of Winamp 2 to versions 2. During this period the Wasabi cross-platform application framework and skinnable GUI toolkit was derived from parts of the Winamp3 source code. For Linux , Nullsoft released an alpha version of Winamp3 on October 9, , but has not updated it despite continued user interest.

During this time Winamp faced stiff competition from Apple 's iTunes. Winamp 5 was based on the Winamp 2 codebase, but with Winamp3 features such as modern skins incorporated via a plugin, [60] thus incorporating the main advantages of both products. Regarding the omission of a version 4, Nullsoft joked that "nobody wants to see a Winamp 4 skin" "4 skin" being a pun on foreskin.

The original Nullsoft team quit in As of version 5. From version 5. Winamp 5.

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The 10th Anniversary Edition was released on October 10, , [65] ten years after the first release of Winamp a preview version had been released on September 10, New features to the player included album art support, improved localization support with several officially localized Winamp releases, including German, Polish, Russian, and French , and a unified player and media library interface skin. This version dropped support for Windows 9x.

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Hungarian and Indonesian installer translations and language packs were added. With the release of Winamp version 5. Five days later, version 5. There was a Winamp 5.

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The beta program was cancelled months before the announcement to shut down the Winamp project. No financial details were publicly announced. Radionomy relaunched the Winamp website and it was available for download again.

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Despite the website claiming that Winamp will be returning soon, as of [update] no new stable version has been developed since version 5. In December , Vivendi bought a majority stake in Radionomy.

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It was reported that Winamp 5. There are many improvements and changes of the leaked build, including the full compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 8. This version also replaced functions originally locked behind Winamp Pro with free alternatives of which were still in alpha, and thus Winamp regained its status as freeware.

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  • Winamp Free Android Pro Bundle and Mac Sync Beta Now Available for Download.
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  • Following the leak, Radionomy decided to release a revised Winamp 5. The newer update of Winamp 5. At the moment, there are no further details about what this new version of Winamp will look like, including which services Winamp would support or how the new version of the app would integrate with newer music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Winamp for Android is a mobile version for the Android version 2. It was reported by TechCrunch that a redesigned Android app was planned alongside the announcement of the development of Winamp 6.

    In October , Winamp Sync for Mac was introduced as a beta release. Nonetheless, a full Winamp Library and player features are included. Winamp has historically included a number of Easter eggs: One example is an image of Justin Frankel , one of Winamp's original authors, hidden in Winamp's About dialog box. Unagi is the codename for the media playback engine derived from Winamp core technologies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Winamp Long-time Winamp logo top and redesigned logo bottom. List of languages. Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on May 30, Retrieved February 9, June 2, Retrieved November 6, Winamp blog. October 20, I lost Pro status. How do I get it back? What are the minimum hardware requirements for the Pro features? Why aren't the widgets available when I move the app to SD card? I can't get wi-fi sync to work What file formats are supported natively in Winamp for Android? How do I make Winamp respond to the headset controls? Winamp always causes the music to vibrate on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

    How do I disable this feature? This shouldn't be happening. If you purchased the in-app upgrade from free to Pro aka: If you purchased the separate Winamp Pro stub from Google Play, then uninstall both the stub and free version, and reinstall the stub https: The Pro features require chipsets with the ARMv7 floating point instruction set.

    As from Winamp For Android Pro v1.